Ultimate Design Anatomy Of An Effective Website [Infographic]

When putting together your home on the Internet, it is important to learn how to make your presentation as effective as possible. Usually this takes a lot of trial and error before you finally crack the golden wire frame (as any web designer or developer knows). Of course, it doesn’t have to be that way, and there is plenty of information on the Internet that will allow you to dig into to this topic without having to actually try it out for yourself. Before we get going here, I just want to point out that each visitor stream is different. You can’t base all your success on someone else’s planning. The ultimate design doesn’t come from an algorithm, it comes from carefully analyzing your website and the visitors who visit your website. Then you will have the information you need to make changes.

I don’t know if there is actually something called the most ultimate design, but there is definitely something called the most optimized one. This is something that has been debated for a long time, and it will probably continue to be debated for years to come. In order to figure out the very best and ultimate design for a website, you need to look at a lot of different factors. Depending on your approach and what your intended use is for your website, you will quickly find that there are a ton of different designs to choose from. It’s not as easy as just picking one that will fit everyone.

A fresh infographic from KISSmetrics takes on this quite mammoth task in a great way. Basing their research on the most popular features, they have been able to come up with a form that might actually be the ultimate design, at least for the most popular elements of a website. Everything involved should be carefully tried and refined. Rushing through it can be catastrophic if you are in a financial deadlock which completely depends on the success of your upcoming site.

This infographic, called The Anatomy Of An Effective Homepage, is a more in-depth look at how you should format the most basic elements on your website in order for your homepage to be as effective as possible. They go through everything from the logo (and the logo size) to the very best way to format it all to achieve more sales. It’s a really well done and simple infographic that will guide you through the process one element at a time in a straightforward way.

I want to stress the importance of not entirely basing your design on these ultimate design guides since you will most likely fall into what I personally call the anonymity trap, which basically means that your site will look like everyone else’s, which could make your branding ineffective. You want to have a unique approach to your customers, and the more you create a look for yourself, the more people will recognize your branding when they see it. It’s just how it goes. Positioning by imaging is the easiest way to attract visitors, customers or clients. It has always been that way. Also, always remember to refine and adjust your website for better and faster recognition of elements. If you find that an element is hard to find, or that it makes you confused, you should probably do some adjustments and see if that increases your website’s traffic and effectiveness.

The Ultimate Design For An Effective Website

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Via: [visual.ly]