10 Vital Elements Of A Perfect Infographic Design [Infographic]

I have covered the topic of why infographics are such a great way to present information to people. I have even written about the reasons why infographics have become such a huge impact on blogs and their traffic. Infographics are specifically designed to present information in a way that makes it easy for the viewer or reader to quickly understand what the presentation is all about. An infographic is so much more than an image with information presented on it. It is actually a tool to simplify education and optimize the time it takes to learn. However, infographic design is anything but easy, and we have seen examples of great information presented on bad infographics more times than I want to remember.

To make sure your visitors understand what they are looking at, or even reading, you have to incorporate some vital elements into your infographic design. Overlooking these might turn your infographic into a mess, which will take ages for the viewer to decipher before he or she understands what it is all about. Infographic design is an intricate process that requires planning and precise execution in order to yield the maximum amount of return.

Infographics are sometimes used as press releases or even promotion, but that is something you should always stay away from. A viewer or reader wants to get something in return for taking the time to read through your infographic, and promotion is really not what they are after. They want to learn something – something that will benefit them in whatever endeavor their are currently into which the infographic conveys.

If you’re looking to up your skills in infographic design, this fresh infographic presented by Kevin Akers called Infographics: 10 Things You Need To Know is a great way to gather some initial skills about what elements your infographic design needs to have incorporated into it.

When looking through these 10 vital infographic design elements, you will quickly see that most of them are quite obvious. The thing is, not a lot of infographic designers look to these elements. Instead, they try to quickly execute the infographic in order to be able to start the next one. It’s bad for customers who pay money to have their infographic designed in order to present vital information to their readers or visitors.

Not every infographic design service provider does this though. You’d do good in researching the options at your disposal in order to get an infographic design company that will really look to your best interest instead of hogging your money as quickly as possible. A great infographic design can “live” for a long time on the Internet. A bad one is disregarded pretty much instantly, and that’s when you realize your money was literally thrown away on something that would have never gotten you what you wanted in the first place.

Infographic designers and customers should both look at these 10 vital elements of infographic design in order to up their standards and make more people realize how beneficial infographics are when compared to a long article that could take you 30 minutes or more to even understand. Infographic design is best when it is simple, straightforward, and when it incorporates these 10 vital elements.

Kevin Aker’s Vital Infographic Design Elements

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Via: [Infographic Journal]