Want To Know What Super Mario Looks Like On The Inside?

We are among the millions of people that kept playing Super Mario Bros. even though we had finished it over and over. There was just something about that game that made us all caught up in it. It could possibly be the adventure and rescuing a princess that kept us so mesmerized. Did you ever really question anything in the game? I mean, of course it wasn’t realistic and all, so we’ll just leave those question out of it. However, did you ever question what Mario looked like on the inside? After all, what is he? Well, I didn’t until now…

Jason Freeny from Moist Production certainly did so he went ahead and created his very own 3D anatomy Super Mario sculpture. In it, you can clearly see the features, bones and intestines of our legendary and beloved super plumber. Yeah, it’s a bit freaky and will probably cause some sort of lasting effect when it comes to playing the game.

However, it’s the awesomeness of the whole thing that actually has value. I mean, if you’re able to see a whole anatomy view of this little guy that you have only seen pixelated, it suddenly hits you that he’s a real guy. A real little buddy with who’s life you constantly playing with, literally. See these guys suddenly have feelings and… Sorry I took it a little bit too far there. Never mind, this thing is awesome on so many levels (again, literally), and it is what it is. Awesomeness!