Wear Your Agenda With Wrist Watch Post-It Notes

As a college student, I have a very busy lifestyle. When school is in session, I typically have up to three classes a day mixed in with meetings with professors about projects and meetings for my school’s literary magazine, Avant, on which I serve as the treasurer. In addition to these meetings, I am a social media coordinator for my University and I have to ensure that all of the announcements about deadlines, events, and club meetings get posted and that questions from current and prospective students are answered in a timely fashion.

A schedule this busy can make my head spin. I constantly have to be reminded of small but essential things such as meeting times, room numbers, and due dates. Every year I buy a new assignment book before the start of the fall semester. I might use it for about a week at the most and then I resort to just scribbling notes all over my hands. Writing on my hand is much quicker and easier than having to open up my assignment book to a specific page, but I am constantly warned by my peers about the dangers of writing on my body with ink. Plus, ink can be messy. It smears, and the minute you wash your hands the message fades and can become unreadable.

Now with the invention of these Wrist Watch Post-It Notes, my days of writing notes on my hands are over. You can simply scribble a note on them, detach, and stick the ends together to wear on your wrist, similarly to how you would wear a wrist band to gain entrance into a concert or exclusive event. These notes come in a pack of 100 for $12.99 plus shipping on Amazon.




Via: [ThisIsWhyImBroke] Image Credits: [Dornob] [Mass-IMO]