Web Font Distribution Platform for Designers

Designers thrive on creativity and great ideas. They live and breathe design. They work hard and sometimes it gets frustrating for them when their work is copied or used without given credit. What if you want to create your fonts and want an application that will allow you to host your fonts so that you can include them in your web sites.

TypeFront is for designers who are looking to take advantage of the new wave of downloadable font support in browsers – without serving their valuable font files from a place that any other web site can include them from.

TypeFront serves as a convenient bucket for your font files that gives you control over the domains that they are allowed to be used on. How does this work?  There are 3 simple steps.  One is upload a font you have already bought under a web-friendly license, then add the domain names of your web sites. And finally cut and paste the code that will allow you to call upon your font in CSS.

With controlled over access to the hosted fonts, one can offer a wider range of pricing options to your customers, for example once-off, per-domain and subscription.

TypeFront also provides an API interface that allows a person to integrate their platform into their site, thus giving the designer the option to offer a hosted option for their customers.

You can try out the service for 30 days.  Just click HERE.  For more features, you can check it out on their Features Page.

main image source from BittBox