Welcome to the World of Ultraviolet Tattoos

I think it is so interesting to see what people do to express themselves creatively with their bodies. It’s definitely a fascination of mine. I am always interested in learning about it. I usually watch from afar though, there is just something so permanent about it all. I am constantly changing my mind about how I feel and what kind of mood I’m in, so I prefer to express my own creativity in other ways.

These two articles highlight this behavior and I still get tweets about them: You’ve Never Seen Body Piercings Like This Before & The Wild & Crazy Art of Tongue Tattoos.

Keeping in this same tradition, I’d now like to introduce you to ultraviolet tattoos. These are different from regular tattoos because they can only be seen under black light, like in a club or at a concert where black light is often used. I suppose you don’t have to worry about your boss raising his eyebrows when you have this type of tattoo since he won’t be able to see it!

These tattoos were very popular back in the 90s when everyone was into raving. The safety of the UV ink was questionable back then, and still is today. According to https://www.edubook.com, “The UV ink is thin and hard to apply. Keep in mind that having an ultraviolet tattoo done is going to take longer than a normal tattoo.” Because of the questionable nature of this type of tattoo, you might have trouble finding an artist and it will be more expensive, but hey, if you dig this, I wish you the best of luck!

Thank you to http://thecontaminated.com for the great pictures!