Wheelbarrow Chair: The Hillbilly Way To Chill In The Sun

There has been quite a lot of coverage about recycling, and most of it (when I come to think of it pretty much everything) that I have mentioned has been quite impressive and inspiring. So is the following reveal. However, this time I can’t really say it’s something that I would ever put on my balcony or even in my garden if I had one. The build in itself is quite genius; however, the look of it is probably not something you would put in your garden unless you’re a hillbilly and have a couple of wheelbarrows to spare.

Wholman, the designer and builder of this quite interesting concept chair, has even published the blueprints to create your very own wheelbarrow chair. All you need are some minor skills, an old wheelbarrow and few pillows. The build could be quite a nice touch if you use a new wheelbarrow. But then again, if you are going to do that, maybe you just want to buy a new chair.

The rusty old wheelbarrow in the pictures doesn’t quite do it for me, and I think it looks a bit off. However, it’s of course not my decision to decide whether you should like it. What it is though is a very useful and environmentally friendly way of taking old and rusted junk and turning it into something once again useful. Maybe you could use it as a hunting chair or something. Can you tell I’m not a forest person?