When Design Gets Trashy – The Egg Carton Lamp

As the world gets more and more environmentally friendly, we are getting even more things that are constructed by trash and recycled items. You don’t have to really like it to appreciate it, but there is a flaw in the whole process of getting the end user to actually go out and get some of those items. It’s the fact that almost nothing that gets recycled has any class or style to it. It’s like it’s done only to use what is available in a speedy and almost obnoxious way.

I mean, many of the people I know are all for environmentally thinking, and they go out of their way to actually check and find things that have a value in that market. However, just because they are environmentally aware, does that mean they are bohemians as well just buying whatever they can find even though it looks horrible? Well, now that that’s out of the way, maybe we can focus on this quite impressive; however, awesomely ugly egg carton lamp that I am sure will impress a lot of people but won’t rack up many sales.

I like the concept behind the lamp, but I wonder how fireproof it is, and if you put a high enough watt bulb in there will it catch on fire? Don’t get me wrong here. I totally geek out on things like this, and they make the world a better place… in the future I am sure. But egg cartons? I need to have a word with Victor Vetterlein, the designer of this awesome; however, odd looking lamp.