Yes!!! The Bed That Automatically Makes Itself In 50 Seconds

When I look back at my life in the ’80s, I usually just think about how perfect it was. All I really did was go to school, play video games and watch cartoons. What could be better than that? I wonder if someday I’ll look back at my life in 2012 and think about how perfect it was then too. I hope so. One of my favorite cartoons from the ’80s was The Jetsons. In case you’ve never seen that one, it was about a family living in the year 2062, so it was a futuristic cartoon. The family had a robot maid named Rosey, and I always remember wanting to have a Rosey. She always kept everything all nice and tidy, and she was such a sweet robot.

The first thing I thought of when I saw this bed that makes itself was Rosey. Having this bed wouldn’t be like having a real Rosey, but it’s one step closer. Honestly, after watching this video, I think this concept needs a little bit more work (especially with the dorky switch on the wall), but overall, I love it.

The funniest part of this video to me is that at exactly 1:05 you can see that girl pick her wedgie. WTF? I can’t believe nobody on YouTube has commented about that yet. I suppose I’m the only completely shallow person who still giggles about wedgies. It’s okay, we all get them. Besides, I’m sure she was bored since whoever made this video told her to just stand there while the bed made itself. Isn’t the point of having a bed like this so the person can leave the room and go do other things? I shouldn’t be poking fun at this, after all, it makes the bed a heck of a lot better than me. [Bed Designer: OHEA]


Via: [Geekologie] [DVICE]