Zombie Attack Barbie: Comes With Grenades & Bazooka

I’m happy to see we aren’t the only ones preparing for the inevitable zombie apocalypse. Apparently Barbie is too, and she’s transformed from a polite, pretty girl into a weapons carrying badass. I wonder which is worse… Seeing a generation of young girls idolize Barbie as the pinnacle of beauty, or watching those same girls learn all about grenades, bazookas, Samurai swords, machine guns (on tripods) and biochemical weapons from her.

Unfortunately, we’ll never get to find out since this isn’t a real Barbie doll. I’m bummed because I wanted to buy her immediately. This Barbie fits perfectly into my sarcastic view of how she affects our society and self-image.

I love that she’s sticking with her signature pink color, and she still looks great. Ken, I’m sorry I can’t say the same for you. You aren’t looking too good buddy. Designer Sarah Anne Langton created this badboy, or I mean, badgirl. On Secret Arctic Base, Sarah Anne describes herself as a qualified astronaut, a part-time archaeologist and a full time geek. She writes, “Now a collector’s item, ‘Zombie Attack Barbie’ played a salient role in ensuring the survival of countless young girls who grew up ready and willing to slaughter the zombie menace.” Nice!

Barbie Fights Zombies With Weapons

Via: [Technabob]