10 Interesting Facts About Video Games

Video game lovers seem to have an appetite that seems quite insatiable. This is why game developers are working odd hours putting in the effort in trying to come up with products that will please their consumers. Over the years, games have evolved tremendously offering a different type of experiences for experienced players as well as novices. The market has also experienced growth from a simple niche market to one that brings in billions of revenue on a yearly basis.

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While there are so many things that we can talk about when it comes to video games, below you will get to learn ten of the most interesting facts about the games.

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1. 36 Years Is the Average Age For US Gamers

Most people believe that it is only children and teenagers who are hooked to the video games. Research from the Entertainment Software Association or in short ESA disputes this as it shows that the average gamer in the US is 36 years of age. It also goes further to explain that 72% of gamers in the USA are over the age of 18. It also states that 45% of gamers in America are female.

2. Many Video Games Do Not Have Mirrors

The reason for this is that mirrors are some of the objects that are very difficult to create in the games. It is because how the mirrors form images is different from how scenes are created on your screen while playing the games. To come up with a real mirror, developers have to employ ray tracing technique that demands huge memory resources and loads of CPU time. Some video games that have the mirrors are usually created using shortcuts because ray tracing is not feasible for the games.

3. Video Games Impact Behaviour

This form of entertainment can end up influencing behavior according to experts. Since the games require players to engage deeply on an emotional and physical level, it can affect how a person acts when they are not playing. For instance, video games are known to help children enhance their computer literacy skills and manual dexterity.

A study done by Douglas Gentile an associate psychology professor at Lowa State University in 2014 revealed that kids can be more empathetic and helpful if they are constantly playing games that are pro-social and are always rewarding the gamers with helping others or building a town. Various studies also indicate that games with violent themes can be linked to aggressive behavior especially in teens.

4. It Can Take Millions To Develop A Single Game

There are plenty of things that go into making video games that you may not be aware of. It may come as a surprise that Rockstar North invested $137 million to develop Grand Theft Auto V (2013). The investment was, however, worth it because the game earned over $1 billion during the first three days of its release.

5. Butterflies Were The Main Inspiration Behind The Development Of ‘Pokemon’

Satoshi Tajiri, the man who created Pokemon drew inspiration from butterflies. The video game designer from Japan was fond of collecting caterpillars and watching them evolve to become beautiful butterflies when he was younger. Satoshi was also a huge lover of arcade games something that led him to write and even edit his personal video gaming fanzine Game Freak. He used a cable to join 2 game boys and this led him to come up with a game that reminded him of his childhood pursuits. Later the game was known as Pokemon Green and Pokemon Red titles that became famous globally.

6. China’s Market Tops The Video Market Revenue List

The video game market today generates billions of dollars every year. According to The Global Market Report China records the highest revenue collection estimated at $37, 945 million. The United States market follows at a close 2nd with about $30,411 million.

7. 60% Of Americans Play Video Games Every Day

Statistics from the ESA (Entertainment Software Association) reveal that around 60 percent of Americans play video games on a daily basis. Further reports from the same body indicate that around 64% of households have a device where they play the games. These include personal computers, virtual reality devices, smartphones, wireless devices, and dedicated game consoles.

8. More Parents Are Encouraging Children To Play Video Games

In the past, there were very many adults who were against children playing video games. Things have changed because statistics show that around 90% of parents are present when their young ones are buying the games. The parents also play close attention when the child is playing the game.

9. Shooting Video Games Are The Most Popular Genres

A breakdown of video games sales in America in 2017 by Statista indicates that video games with a shooter theme are the most popular. This is because they are the ones that recorded the highest number of sales standing at 25.9%. The action theme followed with 21.9%. Sports games came in third with 11.6%.

10. Some Video Games Come With Cheat Codes

Some game developers come up with cheat codes for their games. These have existed for a couple of years and are mostly used to help games enjoy the game even more. Some cheat, codes, however, come from third-party software which gives out tips by modifying some of the game files. Another source of cheat codes would be bugs that are present in the game.

Hopefully, you have enjoyed reading our list of the top ten interesting facts about video games and have perhaps learned something new in the process.

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