Will The Growth In Popularity Of Online Bingo Continue?

For those who tend to play typical online games such as first person shooter or adventure games, the idea of playing online bingo might be one which threatens to cramp their style. Even casual observers who’ve seen bingo game ads on the TV might wonder why such a simple game could be popular in a gaming industry where customers are increasingly demanding only the best graphics and sound.

However, the reality is that many players of online bingo are not adrenaline junkies looking for their next gaming thrill. Instead, they enjoy playing the same simple, low key games that they played before the internet existed, as now they can play them in a different medium. You may be surprised to hear that online bingo is one of the most popular games played online. In fact, according to the UK Gambling Commission, within the last eight years, online bingo has gone from being a game enjoyed by 50,000 players to over 300,000! And, the same commission explained that UK users spend over £6.8 billion on online bingo each year.

Online Bingo Is Big Business

Online bingo has become a huge industry, especially in the UK, where the Online Bingo Summit has been held as a yearly event for over ten consecutive years. This event covers topics such as trends in online bingo playing, the challenges faced by the industry, and the need for support for mobile devices and social media integration.

Although many sites, such as Sun Bingo exclusively offer bingo games, others include a range of further games, too. For example, you may find games on bingo sites such as slot games and casino favorites, with many bingo rooms having ‘mini game’ options for players to try their hand at while waiting for a game to start. One of the most popular forms of bingo available to play online is a simulation of the classic 75 ball bingo which many players have probably played in person in the past at a bingo hall. Seventy-five random balls are pulled from a ball hopper marked with a number, and players can simulate calling ‘bingo’ by clicking on a button displayed on the screen when they achieve a winning pattern such as one or two lines or a full house. The last five years have seen a 22% increase in mobile bingo players. The similarities to playing bingo in-person, yet the convenience of being able to do so on the go or from the comfort of home, is what attracts so many players to this game.

Playing For Money

Another reason why online bingo is such a popular choice of game for many players is the chance to play for money. Progressive jackpots which grow daily as several days pass without a winner can reach hundreds of thousands of pounds and the chance of hitting it big is hugely attractive to a large number of players.

During market research completed in 2016, results showed that 80% of online bingo players are women. The majority of these spend around £120 a month playing online. However, when asked, although 87% of online bingo players said they would like a little more money in their life, only 10% said that was the reason why they played bingo. This is a critical statistic, as it shows the steps that regulators have gone to lower the chances of addiction in the industry.

Nowadays, a range of government regulations regarding allowing players to fund bingo games with their bank accounts or credit cards must be adhered to by online bingo sites. However, even when bingo sites put compulsory top-up limits on players’ accounts to encourage responsible gambling, there is no sign of this game decreasing in popularity.

The Future Of Online Bingo

Will online bingo become even more popular in the future? As a game which is already increasing significantly in popularity, this doesn’t seem set to slow down anytime soon. Online bingo has already progressed a great deal, with bingo games moving from PC and laptop only platforms towards bingo apps that players can download onto their smartphones and tablets. These apps make it easy for players to top up, play, win and withdraw their bingo winnings straight from their mobile device while on the go, just one of the reasons that is making the game so popular. Now, it’s possible to play bingo online whether you’re at home, commuting to work, or even on your lunch break. A number of bingo apps even allow you to buy tickets for future games, meaning that you can still win without even having to watch the game play out.

Online bingo is a game that has constantly been increasing in popularity since it was first introduced. Whether you enjoy playing bingo and want to do so for fun online to pass the time or want to try your hand at winning big, online bingo is now more available than ever before and set to grow even further.

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