10 Most Pirated Movies Of All Time [Infographic]

With the SOPA bill now on ice, and with the movie industry scrambling to push more money in for yet another bill that will stop the piracy of their creations, we are once again wondering what preposterous ideas they might come up with. Tampering with what has founded pretty much every major Internet company in the world is a dangerous endeavor, and I hope they realize the seriousness of their missteps to plug the holes through which they see their revenue pouring out. Sure, it’s not easy to take the bitter taste of your rightful royalties being obliterated, I know that firsthand as a producer and songwriter. But times change, and instead of stopping the progress, we have to adapt instead.

However, don’t let that statement fool you. There are things that can certainly be done to prevent piracy from spreading further, although they are hard to come up with. Apple did a great job by making buying songs on iTunes cool. Instead of downloading music from a P2P torrent “service,” downloaders instead want to pay the 99 cents for their music. They are doing something good along with being cool and all. Who doesn’t want their iPhone full of high quality music, right?

Even though I am definitely against the SOPA bill and all that they were trying to do, I still feel with them. Losing millions and millions certainly can’t be fun. I mean, just have a look at this infographic showing the 10 most pirated movies of all time. We’re talking about a LOT of illegal downloads. Avatar alone has been downloaded over 19 million times which means that if a DVD cost $20, the movie company lost 380 million dollars on Avatar alone. That’s a lot of money of which a big chunk could have gone into making new movies for us all to enjoy. So the question is, how could they make buying movies just as cool as it is to buy music on iTunes? Sure, you can buy movies on iTunes as well, but that particular service hasn’t taken off as fast as the music side of it has. Sort that out, and I think we’re on our way… Hmm… – (The infographic was created by Meoble.)

Top 10 Most Pirated Movies

Via: [Killer Infographics]