10 Most Anticipated Role-Playing Games Of 2019

The year 2018 is almost over, and many gamers already wait till 2019 comes to enjoy the diversity of hyped games about to be released. RPG admirers will be especially glad because this genre will receive more than enough games in 2019 to please all gamers, no matter if they like fantasy and medieval settings, science fiction or horrors.

The development of some games from this list started several years ago. Developers postponed their release to warm up the interest of gamers even more. For now, you can read descriptions of top 10 games expected to release in 2019 prepared by cheap essay writing service workers who are passionate gamers as well. This was made for you to know which of upcoming RPS’s of 2019 are actually worth your attention.

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1. Cyberpunk 2077

The game is based on a fictional setting created by Mike Pondsmith who released the tabletop game “Cyberpunk 2020” some time ago. Unlike the original “paper version”, the video game will be placed into the year 2077 and the megapolis named Night-City. When creating the appearance and style of the game, CD Project RED developers paid attention to books by the famous sci-fi writer William Gibson and took the spirit and dark atmosphere of cyberpunk from there.

The game is unique in the other aspect, too: it decided to make a step away from RPG standards connecting this genre with fantasy or medieval ages and to dash into the future where high technologies rule and the mankind is slowly degrading.

2. Corsairs 4

The Corsairs game series is rightfully thought to be one of the most successful franchises ever created by Russian developers. The untellable adventure spirit prospering in southern seas of 17-18th centuries will attract every gamer who likes games about pirates and sea adventures.

Treasures, boarding battles, cannon shots, dead men hanged on ropes, bloodthirsty bandits, noble heroes, hidden chests, ghost ships, deep sea monsters – this all waits for all game fans in the nearest future.

3. Anthem

This science-fiction RPG takes place in a far postapocalyptic future. Main characters of the game are mercenaries wearing specially protected suits varying from light scouting to heavy armored ones. Freelancers are responsible for the defense of humans from different external threats: monsters and aliens from other worlds aiming to destroy mankind completely.

But players will have to stand not only against monsters. Technogenic cataclysms created by the extremely changed nature will become challenging, too.

4. Wasteland 3

A post-apocalyptic RPG which became the “godfather” of the more popular Fallout franchise many years ago. The main character of Wasteland 3 is the soldier of the special forces squad who decided to visit Colorado. The nuclear winter is everywhere around with all its attributes. As always, there is no contact with other cities or villages. A hero will have to clash with several criminal groups. Some of them will make the gamer fight, others are open for negotiations.

Plus, the future of the world around will depend on your decisions. The whole city can extinct if you make a mistake, so it is necessary to think over every step carefully without rushing forward.

5. The Surge 2

Despite the fact that The Surge 2 is like a sequel to the first game, its main character is a completely different person. And the action place is not a huge CREO facility but a megapolis suddenly attacked by aliens. The player will have to learn how to survive extreme situations by shooting invaders and to try to find out the exact reason of their attack.

It is quite possible that the gathered information will help you stop the invasion and make aliens leave forever.

6. Ealdorlight

This is the excellent exemplar of a medieval RPG taking place in some fantasy kingdom. Here they find the main character – a little boy left alone by some unknown people. Nobody knows anything about him or her family. The boy grew up and became a strong young warrior predicted to become the next ruler of the kingdom. After leaving the house of his adopted parents, the hero starts a long journey to make connections and friends, to gain authority and influence.

The future king will have to reveal the mystery of his origin and get the possibility to fight for the throne through not only courage and honor. He can use intrigues and other unfair threads to reach the goal. Everything depends on a player.

7. Dolmen

A third person science-fiction RPG with horror elements. The main character wakes up alone in a cryogenic camera and understands that colleagues are dead and the world around is the unpleasant planet called Revion Prime. It is a very dangerous world for an astronaut trapped in it. The only way to survive the situation is to adapt to the environment and to start exploring it.

The suit is the protection from the external danger and it can be upgraded as the game goes on. Find resources, use them for survival and try to understand the new unknown world.

8. The Protagonist

Events of this game happen in the alternative Universe not that different from the one we all live in. Its main character is the young woman who is a super-agent nicknamed Angel living on the Terrana planet. One of her missions was to infiltrate the ship belonging to aliens who arrived at her native world with aggressive purposes. But everything goes out of control when Angel suddenly wakes up in a hospital room of aliens. She does not know how she got there.

The girl lost her memories but this is not a reason to quit the uncompleted mission. She has to restore her memory and o find the way to stop the war between two civilizations.

9. Stygian: Reign Of The Old Ones

This is the indie-RPG with classic turn-based combats. Developers could not just pass by Howard Lovecraft and his world: ruined Arkham and the Abyss. The Abyss is the place for scary events of this game. After choosing a character, players start a terrifying journey across dark corners of the blackest fantasies human minds can only create.

Remember that the choice and development of skills and character features determine the whole game story here.

10. The Iron Oath

The turn-based RPG set in a dark fantasy world. After hiring characters, you can send them to complete dangerous missions becoming more and more complicated as the game continues. Developers tried to make every decision of every quest influence your heroes and the world around them.

By developing and improving the qualities and characteristics of your heroes and the guild you created, you’ll change the world and gain new plot turns, quests and missions.

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