Top 50 Movies Ever (Organized By Genre) According To IMDb

If someone asked you for an official list of your favorite 10 movies, would you be able to put that together easily? I wouldn’t. I’d have an impossible time choosing which Star Wars and Star Trek movies would make the cut, and that wouldn’t even count all the other great movies out there. If you were to ask the masses what the top 50 movies are, you would get back a list like what you see below. They are arranged by genre, and it seems drama is the most popular.

This chart was put together and designed by Martin Kruusimagi at Young Ant Studio. He used IMDb to gather all the information he needed. IMDb’s list actually has 250 movies on it (not just the top 50 movies), and you can see the entire list by clicking over to IMDb Top 250. I can’t believe that Star Trek (2009) is all the way down at number 223 on the list. That movie is so much better than that. And Aliens (1986) only ranks at number 57? That movie is a classic. But, I’ve digressed.

Martin color-coded each movie by genre, and each movie can be listed in more than one category. Comedy has the smallest showing on the list, while drama is the most prevalent. It took Martin six months to complete this list from start to finish, and there were parts that he had to go back and redesign and change once he got into it.

I left the image below huge so you can read all the detail when you click on it. I also took a screenshot of the top 50 movies list off the chart itself and posted it separately at the bottom so you can skip the chart if you want and just go straight to the list. Enjoy!

Top 50 Movies Ever According To IMDb

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Top 50 Movies Ever – The List

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