10 Common Psychological Traps At The Poker Table [Infographic]

It’s difficult to master the game of poker. A lot of people have tried and failed without know why. Sure, poker is a fun game and luck is part of it, however, there are significantly more things that make poker as intriguing as it is than luck. When you sit down at that poker table and the cards are dealt luck is what starts the game. But from that point onwards you can affect the outcome of the game in so many ways more than luck. What it comes down to is psychology and the traps you can set up and also fall for. In this article, we are going to take a closer look at the psychological traps that you can use and avoid when you sit down at the poker table, either online or offline, for a thrilling game.

Perhaps one of the most important traits to master in order to take home a massive win is the ability to focus. If you can keep your focus and never let your mind stray you have an advantage over the lesser focused players. Traps may be set up by the other players but you can easily spot and avoid them if you stay focused.

Another important trait is the ability to keep your ego in check. You can’t expect to sit down at the poker table and care about what people think of you. If you do then you will be an easy target for the more experienced and seasoned players. [pullquote]If you care about what other people think of you then that spotlight is going to break your game and your time at the poker table will be over.[/pullquote] There is just no way around it. Keep your focus and concentration on the game rather than the surrounding madness that is trying to push you off balance and make you.

If you’re new to poker but still want to rumble with the professionals, you can. You just need to learn the traits before you practice them. At the poker table, there are a number of psychological traps that the other players can use in order to read you like an open book. In the infographic below, called “10 Psychological Traps In Poker” (created by Red Chip Poker), you will find a number of psychological traps professional poker players use to throw you off balance.

Take a good look at them, memorize them and make sure to always keep them fresh in your mind and you are halfway to a big win. I can almost guarantee that when armed with this psychological warfare knowledge you will perform a lot better at your next poker tournament.

Practice makes perfect they say so for every poker game you play you will master these traits better. For every win you bag the more skillful you will become and that is exactly how you will progress to the top.

As you can see, the thrilling game of poker is not always about the hand that you’re dealt, it’s about the cool in your mind and the way you play the hand made available to you. On more than one occasion poker tournaments have been won on a bluff. Don’t underestimate the power of psychology at the poker table. Instead, use it to your advantage.

Psychological Traps At The Poker Table

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10 Poker Table Psychological Traps Infographic

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