5 Famous Soccer Players Who Are Great At The Poker Table

It might be interesting for some people to know that some of the world star football players are even very talented at playing poker. Well, the best football players in the world are very easy to know, but how do we know those football superstars that are also marvelous at the poker table?

Come to think of it that there are some football players that are retired and enjoy playing the poker game at a professional level while there are several footballers who simultaneously play football and poker. The fact that football players are not smart can be tagged a busted myth – how else does one explain the long list of ex-professional soccer players that take part in poker games on a high level? While most of these professional football players keep taking advantage of how start to win with Unibet casino, what are you doing?

Five Famous Soccer Players Who Are Great At The Poker Table

1. Cristiano Ronaldo – Do you know that asides his outstanding performance on the football pitch, he also is an ambassador of popular poker rooms online amongst others. Poker can be added to one of the areas in which he is successful aside from playing soccer on the field. This star player from Portugal is popularly known to promote some Poker Star tournaments and events. Who would have though this great player would have the time to be active in other off-the-field activities like playing poker?

2. Neymar Jr. – This is another popular Brazilian football player that is an ambassador for online poker rooms. Aside from playing for the amazing Barcelona football club, he enjoys the game of poker whenever he gets some time to spare. He doesn’t just play the poker game; he is very good at it. He is reported to have cashed out a sum of €17,810 from poker at a time. This was what he managed to do with a Royal Flush that he was dealt – imagine doing that much from a chance that doesn’t give you many odds.

3. Gerard Pique – This is one that only a few people know about. This Barcelona defender isn’t just good on the pitch; he also defends his chips well on the poker table. He constantly visits the EPT Barcelona and his chances of winning are very high. This might be a promising potential for him during his retired days from the world of football. What else would one wish for in addition to playing his favorite poker game and getting free permits to Shakira’s shows?

4. Andriy Shevchenko – This is another lover of the poker game that we might not be seeing at the high-rollers poker events and competitions any time soon. This is because the ex-Ukrainian football superstar made it known that he enjoys playing poker and would rather not gamble, but play with family and friends. Moreover, he once took part in an event for charity alongside Nadal, Ronaldo, and Daniel Negreanu.

5. Ronaldo – Who doesn’t remember one of the best forwards in the world of football? This is a legend from Brazil, which is also known for his frequent visit to the poker table. Remember the evening when Cristiano Ronaldo obtained Ballon d’Or for the third time, Ronaldo was busy in the Bahamas at a Poker Star tournament. Well, he made abundant wins! He cashed out $42,180 at the end of that day. What else can we expect from this one, a great player of football, an amazing player at the poker table…

What else is your excuse for not enjoying your favorite table game and making money while at it?

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