11 Movies To Watch With Your Girlfriend

When it comes to choosing a good movie to watch together, most girls prefer romantic comedies, and guys don’t like this idea. But there are dozens of great stories out there. Here are 11 great films you can watch with your girlfriend and not fall asleep in the process. Each of them has a unique charm and a pleasant aftertaste.

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1. Deadpool

You probably already know the plot. After the inhuman experiments, Wade Wilson acquires the ability to regenerate but at the same time becomes, well, not very handsome. He figures out that his loved one won’t accept him with such a face, Wade calls himself Deadpool and begins chasing the main villain to make everything the way it was. This comic movie is full of black humor, fights, and shootouts, but there’s a nice love story behind it.

2. Kate & Leopold

This is the story of the incredible adventures of Leopold, the Duke of Albany, who time travels from XIX century to our days. Leo finds himself in the center of a bustling city, where danger is everywhere: people are always in a hurry, and the roads are swarming with metal carriages that make nasty sounds. Here he meets a successful woman Kate McKay, who doesn’t believe in what Leopold tells about himself at first. When Kate learns the truth, she realizes that leaving Leo alone by himself is dangerous.

3. Oblivion

In the distant future, only two people live on Earth: he is an engineer that monitors the drones’ serviceability, and she’s an operator that coordinates tasks with the command. The rest of humanity lives at the station in space because the planet is unfit for life after the alien invasion. Jack and Victoria are a great team, and soon their mission on Earth ends. It’s a good movie with a beautiful love story and a puzzling storyline.

4. Salmon Fishing In The Yemen

The Arab sheik is obsessed with the idea of growing a population of salmon in Yemen. It seems impossible, well, at least that’s what Dr. Alfred Jones, a fisheries expert. But why not try, anyway? Growing salmon in the desert is the best opportunity to breathe new meaning into a boring life.

5. The Duelist

This one’s pretty interesting because it’s Russian, and not that bad. A retired officer Yakovlev takes part in duels for money. The Russian dueling code of the XIX century allowed for the replacement of participants, so the young man scores other people’s debts of honor. His only aspiration in life is the return of the title to the former nobleman Kolychev. The film is quite popular among Russian ladies, so if your girlfriend is from Eastern Europe, she’ll be glad to watch it with you.

6. Pride And Prejudice And Zombies

It’s a classic story of Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy overcoming numerous prejudices, lying gossip, and misunderstandings. The vanilla plot was a bit improved with a Victorian zombie apocalypse and turned into an excellent black comedy you and your girlfriend will enjoy.

7. Focus

A young scammer Jess meets an experienced con artist named Nikki and persuades him to become her mentor. The problem is that the romantic relationships that occur are hampering the “business” that must be done with a cold head.

8. Tokyo Fiancée

A young Belgian is in love with Japanese culture and dreams of becoming a true Japanese, despite her European appearance. One day the girl takes a one-way ticket to Tokyo. There, she’ll have to start a new life and meets a young man. This is a great movie that leads you through the journey into a strange, alien world.

9. Colonia

A few years after the defeat of the Germans in World War II Paul Schaefer founds a colony in Chile. The colony wasn’t subject to Chilean law, so Schaefer became a dictator in his small fascist country. The plot of the film follows the German journalist Daniel, who gets into the colony, after which his girlfriend Lena tries to get him out of there. Under the guise of a postulant, she gets into this terrible place. Here, they’ll have to live through tough times.

10. Moulin Rouge

The story takes place in 1899 in the popular Paris nightclub Moulin Rouge. Here, the most influential people in the city are fighting over the famous courtesan and dancer – Satin. Among them is the rich Duke, who is ready to buy out the entire Moulin Rouge just to spend one night with Satin. At the same time, a poor writer named Christian arrives in Paris, and his new friends take him to Moulin Rouge. The young man falls in love with Satin, and it turns out that the feeling is mutual. Fueled by anger, the Duke decides to teach Christian a lesson.

11. 27 Dresses

Jane is simply obsessed with weddings: she has already been a bridesmaid for 27 ceremonies. Her closet is full of beautiful outfits, but it lacks one dress – a wedding one. And now another marriage ceremony is planned: this time Jane’s sister is getting married, but the problem is that her future husband is the guy Jane falls in love with.

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