Loopy Over Looper & 5 Other Unforgettable Time Travel Films

Time travel films never disappoint. In recent news, we even found out that the concept of warp drive might actually be a feasible science. According to scientists, the previous model for warp drive relied on a heavy and significant amount of power (almost the same mass as Jupiter). An improved model of the science which has a football shaped vessel surrounded by a ring, disrupting space around it, would not only reach 10x the speed of light, it would use significantly less energy to actually work. My guess is the next science to conquest is time travel – challenge accepted.

The paradox of time travel has stumped the minds of millions for generations. While scientists across the globe attempt to solve the universe’s greatest mystery and find a way for man to ruin the planet even further, Hollywood will continue to challenge the time paradox and release some of the greatest time travel films of all time. This weekend marks the release of Looper, a time travel film of a different caliber, proving yet again that Bruce Willis can kick ass at any time (get it?).

Looper is set in a futuristic gangland where Joseph Simmons (Joseph Gordon Levitt) works for a mafia company in Kansas City as a “Looper.” Set in the year 2042, Loopers kill and dispose of targets sent by their employers from the year 2072. Loopers are paid on the condition that all targets must never escape. Simmons recognizes his target as a future version of himself (Willis), and his older-self escapes after incapacitating him. Simmons’ failure causes his employers to come after him, forcing him to fight for his life as he hunts his older-self.

Sounds pretty cool, right? Time travel is always awesome, and so are time travel films. While scientists like Hawking believe that traveling back in time is impossible, we can be rest assured that robots from the future will not attempt to kill our only chance of survival. Can’t wait to see Looper? Check out these time travel films to prepare your mind for implosion as Looper comes to theaters this weekend!

Classic Time Travel Films

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5. Bill and Ted

Wyld Stallions! This classic 80s duo has conquered space, time and even death! Bill and Ted have to travel through time and learn about the past in order to save their future. While we want to remember Keanu Reeves for The Matrix, we must remember his roots as a garage band stoner who travels through time in a phone booth.


4. Twelve Monkeys

Prior to Looper, Bruce Willis had a lot of experience with time travel and kicking ass. After the human race is all but wiped out from a powerful virus, Bruce Willis is sent back in time to stop the organization known as the 12 monkeys from dispersing the deadly virus. If you love time paradoxes and mind blowing plot turns, check out this movie!


3. Star Trek

When it comes to time travel films, this is an all-time classic. When the fate of the galaxy rests in the hands of The Starship Enterprise, you should be comforted by the Vulcan neck grip of awesomeness. The most recent Star Trek film starring Zachary Quinto and Chris Pine has an element of time travel in the plot while casting the epic Leonard Nemoy as the weary time traveling Spock. However, Star Trek First Contact and The Voyage Home are the franchise’s most time travel plot driven films to date.


2. Terminator

Time traveling killer robots?! Yes please! Schwarzenegger is the badass machine from the future spitting out one liners and shooting everyone in his path as he fights to destroy the future, defend Eddie Furlong and run around naked.


1. Back to the Future

Great Scott! Of all the time travel films, this one might be the coolest franchise ever! Marty McFly takes on Biff and his gambling problems as he fights to keep his parents together while driving a DeLorean! Celebrate time travel with the film that makes everyone rock to Chuck Berry and question kissing your mother. Fans can rewatch the movies on Netflix, but you would need a Netflix VPN with a Japanese server since only the Netflix Japanese database carries all three movies.


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