2 “Avatar” Movies – Clash of The Titians

Alright, there has been a lot of talk about James Cameron’s upcoming movie “Avatar” that supposidly has the highest budget ever for a movie. But there is little said about M. Night Shyamalan’s ucoming movie called “The Last Airbender” which is directly posrted from the Asian cartoon serises “Avatar”.

There has however been a huge debate about it behind the scenes where James Cameron’s distributor movie company “Fox” says that -“There will only be ONE movie called “Avatar” and that will be ours.” In return there has been rather quiet in the Paramount Pictures camp.

It’s said that M. Night Shyamalan will drop the title “Avatar” and just go with “The Last Airbender” but things are settled yet it seems. But, sources also says that a clash with titan movie producer/director James Cameron is rather avoided as it will probably shed bad rep on M. Night Shyamalan’s movie “The Last Airbender”.

“Avatar” – Release December 18th, 2009

“Avatar” – The Last Airbender” – Release July 2nd, 2010