2020 Kentucky Derby Online Betting Tips And Trends

For the first time, the Kentucky Derby, which is the most celebrated horse racing game in the United States, will take place on September 5, 2020. The Derby is the primary segment of the U.S. Triple Crown Series. Since the COVID-19 pandemic is still raging globally, this racing event was moved to control the severity of Coronavirus disease.

With the movement of the races this year, including the Derby, horses can take the time to prepare well before this $3 million horse racing takes place. Aside from that, bettors can have the luxury of days to come up with the best betting strategies to pick the most deserving horses to wager.

As the Kentucky Derby takes place in less than four months from now, a lot can still happen from horses that will join as well as the betting games. That said, let’s show you some Kentucky Derby betting trends you can follow this year to win big when you decide to wager in the upcoming Run For The Roses.

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Bet For Derby-Prep Superstars

For a horse to qualify the Kentucky Derby, he must earn a minimum of 25 Derby qualifying points. These points are accumulated by joining prep races before the Derby starts. Earlier this year, prep races had settled entirely, and TVG has the Kentucky Derby betting odds for racehorses who dominated the said racing show.

The importance why you need to bet for horses who won most of the prep races is because of the racecourse similarity. The Derby is wrestled in a one and 1/14 mile dirt track, which is the same with the prep races. It quickly tells you that a horse can possibly win the Kentucky Derby title if he has ruled most of the prep-Derby races.

Wager For The 2020 Belmont Finishers

The Triple Crown Series is competed in three horse racing shows started by the Derby, followed by Preakness, and culminated by the Belmont Stakes. Since the schedules were mixed up this year, the Belmont Stakes will launch the Triple Crown show, the Derby settles next, and the Preakness is closing it.

Thus, when choosing a horse to gamble in the upcoming Run For The Roses, consider betting for the Belmont Stakes winners and other finishers. Although racehorses who did not place the Belmont can still join the Derby, your chance of winning big when betting for horses who did great in the Belmont Stakes is a piece of cake.

Consider Baffert And Pletcher Entries

Bob Baffert and Todd Pletcher are two of the racehorse trainers that will send three or more entries to the Derby. These trainers are both multi-graded stakes winners. Every year they appear in the Triple Crown shows, especially in the Kentucky Derby bringing the best entries on the field.

This year, Baffert prepares a strong trio to saddle up in the Kentucky Derby. His entries include Authentic, Nadal, and Charlatan. On the other hand, Pletcher is also bringing four horses to compete in the dirt track. His horses are Gouverneur Morris, Chase Tracker, Portos, and Market Analysis. So, when you look for a deserving horse to bet in the Derby, don’t forget both of these trainer’s entries to win successfully.

Don’t Forget Other Top Contenders

The Kentucky Derby this year will take place at Churchill Downs. It will only allow up to 20 horses, and most of the entries were Belmont finishers and qualified prep-Derby winners. Do know that every horse joining the Run For The Roses has their style of running, and everyone is deserving to win the title no matter what their racing form looks like.

Aside from the Belmont Stakes achievers and famous horses, you must also not miss in betting for other contenders in the field. These horses can put up a great challenge, which makes your betting more thrilling and exciting. Make sure to review their racing form to get guided by their strengths and past achievements so you can decide whether you’ll bet on them.

Understand The Jockey’s Strengths

No matter how the horses run fast, he cannot win without the right jockey controlling him. Jockeys play a vital role in making a racehorse successful, especially in the Derby, since they control the horses’ speed. They exactly know when to accelerate and hustle every other contender to display the right amount of speed and step on the finish line first.

Make sure that you know the capabilities and backgrounds of each jockey in your desired Derby bets. It is one of the best ways to assess whether you are gambling for the right horse or make another choice.


As the Kentucky Derby finally finds its date of settlement, horse racing fans can still look forward to a more intensified horse racing competition. Hence, if you are one of the bettors that would like to wager in the upcoming Derby as it takes the middle jewel this year, don’t forget to apply the betting trends above to get a successful head start.

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