eSports Betting – An Exciting And Lucrative Way To Make Money Online

A large number of people have shared a mutual love for eSports since the introduction of these games in the market. However, in the recent years, a trend has emerged that is proving to be larger in scale than these eSports themselves. This is the trend of eSports Betting.

According to a report by the market intelligence company, Newzoo, as quoted by, the global audience for eSports is predicted to grow from 323 million viewers in 2016 to a whopping 589 million in 2020. With this growing audience of eSports, the number of people participating in betting has also increased and eSports betting has become a global phenomenon.

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eSports include a number of categories, such as fighting games, sports games, real time strategy games, first person shooter games, and multiplayer online battle arenas. According to Wikipedia , some of the most popular multiplayer games include DOTA 2 and the League of Legends while FIFA and NBA 2K are the popular sports games.

[pullquote]Those who wish to try their hands at eSports betting are advised to stick to the games they have played and watched for some time and have ample knowledge about.[/pullquote] Bookmakers allow different kinds of bets for these games. Some popular kinds of bets include Money Line betting, where you pick the side that will win the match, Totals betting, where you predict the total number of occurrences of an event in a game, and Outright betting, where you bet on the overall outcome of a gaming event.

As per the latest predictions, the eSports betting market is estimated to generate a revenue of 1.81 billion USD in 2020, as opposed to the 24 million USD generated in 2015. These numbers prove that the market of eSports betting is definitely on a rise and participation in eSports betting can be a viable source of revenue.

As a beginner, one may look at this list of the best online casino games to choose from the most reliable and popular online games. After this, one can start earning profits immediately based on their knowledge of the game as well as the legal betting techniques.

[pullquote]eSports betting is an activity that can help you earn significant profits from the comfort of your home and is, therefore, an excellent way of converting a passion for online games into a steady source of income.[/pullquote] As you become more familiar with the betting strategies, your profits will start to increase. Reading the previews of the major eSports events is yet another way to hone your betting skills and improve your chances of winning.

With new and promising games, such as Battlerite and Rocket League, being introduced to the market every year, the eSports industry is grabbing the interest of a growing pool of gamers. There is no doubt that eSports will become one of the primary betting industries of the future.

Also, the high chances of earning with the help of eSports betting have ensured a steady rise in the number of players, fans, and betters, in the years to come.

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eSports Betting – An Exciting And Lucrative Way To Make Money Online

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