3 Awesome VR Games You Should NOT Miss Out On

VR is undoubtedly going to find its way into more and more people’s homes as the technology becomes more advanced and fine-tuned. Microsoft released plans of targeting the VR-market heavily with collaboration with several major manufacturers such as Dell, Acer, and Asus.

The usages for VR-Headsets are abundant. In the early days we really only ever saw them at a fair or similar gathering with a lonely tech-guy trying to peddle and market the product. Now we see them being used for pretty much any kind of simulation you can imagine, be it flying simulation, racing simulation or skydiving simulation. We also see them used commercially with virtual tours starting to trend with realtors to be able to showcase a property to a client without them ever having to leave their home. We also see VR-Headset being used for movies, playing online casino and of course – Games.

We have listed 3 of the must-have games here that will go excellent with your VR-Headset. We do believe that any one of these games could justify your purchase of a VR-Headset and we hope you’ll enjoy all three of them!

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Raw Data – Gaming-giant Valve is the mastermind behind this brilliant game. It’s a completely free game and actually very simple. It consists of several mini-games, all which in an excellent way showcases the functions of your VR-Headset. You’re not going to find any particularly stunning graphics or deep and moving story with this game though. Think of it a little bit like what Wii Sports was to the Wii, but just way better and more fun.

Eve: Valkyrie – One of the larger productions within the list. The graphics are absolutely stunning (although there is always room for improvement) with controls that will make you feel completely engaged in the gameplay and the story. You will take command of a spaceship straight from the cockpit and take part in space-battles of epic proportions.Although this game was originally developed for use with the Oculus Rift only, it’s now also available on PlayStation VR and HTC Vive – which we’re very thankful for.

The Climb – If you’re afraid of heights you might want to sit this one. This game is currently the number one in our opinion as far as realism and physics are concerned, and you’re in for a skipped heartbeat should your grip fail. As the name suggests, it’s simulating mountain climbing and it does an extraordinary job, especially with the physics. So if you ever wanted to climb but felt like you lacked the upper body strength, this one is for you.

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3 Awesome VR Games You Should NOT Miss Out On

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