4 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Mobile Casinos

In the fascinating world of online casinos, life is full of surprises. Sometimes, these have less to do with the jackpots you win and more with the statistics behind the games that millions of players worldwide love. We’ve gathered a few fun facts we think you’ll enjoy, check them out.

4 Facts Mobile Casinos Article Image


1. Winning Big

Playing casino slots free of charge proves to be a major hit among mobile users, with the mobile casino industry growing at a rapid pace across the globe. In fact, mobile casino gaming had already reached 35% of all casino activity back in 2015 and keeps climbing ever since. With the availability of cheaper phones and the evolution of games, we can expect to see this trend continue.

2. You’ll Never Guess Where It All Started

You may think you know where the first remote casino was launched, but don’t bet on it! It wasn’t in the US or even the UK. Nope, not in Japan. Antigua was the lucky place that started it all, when it established the first remote gaming site back in 1996. Many websites and apps were created since, but the original honor belongs to no other than Antigua.

3. Slots Get A Lot (Of Attention)

Whether offline on online, slot machines are a huge casino hit. In physical casinos, we see that nearly 70% of Vegas players opt for the slot games and online, slots gaming apps like 88 Fortunes gain players’ attention more than any other form of online social gaming.

It comes as absolutely no surprise to those familiar with the magic of slot machines and the thrill they provide, but considering all other options that casinos have to offer, the stats are still rather impressive.

4. Swipe, Don’t Tap

This is not just a fun fact but an actual research-based online gaming tip! If you want to win the game (and sure you do), consider swiping the screen instead of tapping it. The swipe movement provides players with more finger control without giving up on speed.

There are plenty more interesting facts to research and share, but we would hate to keep you from going back to your favorite mobile casino game and actually hitting the jackpot. Hopefully, this article has made you more informed and motivated for your next win. Have fun.

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