How To Win Online Casino Jackpots With Only Free Spins

There is a common perception that online casinos take advantage of their players and online casino jackpots cannot be won; especially with free spins or free cash. There is nothing further from the truth when one takes the time to research how many jackpot winners are generated on a regular basis when playing their favorite online slots machines.

A perfect example is Katherine from Mersyside, who recently collected £1,200 on her favorite online casino, all from free spins awarded to her player account. This 32-year-old lady gleefully explained that in April 2016 she logged into her online player account and was pleasantly surprised to see that she was awarded five free spins to play on Net Entertainment’s Neon Staxx online slot machine.

As Katherine started playing with her free spins, it soon became apparent that she had collect winnings on all five free spins; she then uses all her winnings derived from the free spins to then go on to win a whopping £1,200.

Online casino operators use free spins and free bonus cash to attract new players and to encourage existing members to visit the site more often. Players will often win cash from these free spins and free cash bonuses, and it is frequently the case that many of them go on to win serious online slot jackpots.

[pullquote]There is no doubt that online casino players do win substantial jackpots, which can range from as little as a couple hundred quid to literally, millions of pounds.[/pullquote] For example, there are numerous instances when players have won millions from Microgaming’s Mega Moolah progressive slot jackpot game, since its launch approximately ten years ago.

In fact, it was on the 5th of November 2016 when Marcus Goodwin collected an amazing $11.6 million; and since then the jackpot as been won three times already in 2017! You’re probably familiar with they saying “Not playing at all means no chances of winning.”

The biggest Mega Moolah progressive jackpot winner was Jonathon Heywood in October 2015, when he collected a life-changing £13,213,838; which is even more than the average lottery prize payout.

The only aspect that players need to take into account is that some online casino operators do assign high wagering requirements to their free spins and free cash bonuses. What this means is that players will sometimes find that any winnings derived from free spins and free cash can be relatively difficult to withdraw. Furthermore, there can be limitations on which games can be used with free spins or free bonus cash.

However, there are quite a number of casinos that allow players to play any game on the site and do not have any wagering requirements associated with their free spins and cash, so that any winnings derived from this type of bonus will be treated as real cash; which can then be withdrawn or used to play some more games.

So anyone thinking that online casinos do not generate winners, think again. Players who love the thrill of playing slot machines online, can win, and do win serious amounts of cash; and one of the biggest benefits of this is that all your winning are tax free!

How To Win Online Casino Jackpots With Only Free Spins

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