The 5 Best European Cities To Visit For Concerts

Europe is a must-see continent for music lovers. With a plethora of cities with vivid music scenes in a variety of different genres, it’s clear that if you even want to attempt to see it all, you must do some extensive traveling. To help you in your itinerary making process, we’ve compiled a list of the 5 Best European Cities to Visit for Concerts so you know just where to start.

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5. Barcelona, Spain

Are you a devoted fan of indie rock? If so, Barcelona is the city you should definitely visit while on your vacation. Though the city itself doesn’t have a wide variety of genres making up its music scene, the indie scene alone is enough to put it on this list.

If you want to dive right into the most intense shows that happen each year, you should definitely check out the annual Primavera Sound festival. Well-known and emerging artists come from all over the world to showcase their work in this wonderful festival that you’ll surely never forget!

If large festivals aren’t your favorite, that’s no problem—Barcelona’s indie music scene stretches from large festivals like Primavera down to virtually unknown venues. If you want to see local artists and complete newcomers show off their latest songs, we recommend checking out one of the city’s more underground venues such as the Gran Bodega Saltó or Wah Wah Records.

4. London, The United Kingdom

London is one of those cities that must be seen to be believed. As the center of the pioneering British Invasion phenomenon, you might recognize London for helping set the stage for famous bands such as the Beatles and the Rolling Stones.

Stop by the Troubadour to see a piece of London’s music history that is still hosting shows, while the city’s SoFar concerts will also give you an impression of the various underground shows still happening. Finding dance-based festivals isn’t difficult in London, with the annual Wireless Festival giving visitors a fantastic pick of some of the world’s most notorious electronic artists.

In the event that you want to find electronic music outside of a festival setting, the Carwash Nightclub is a great way to hear local DJs in an energetic setting. Furthermore, you won’t be bored in the city there’s so much to do and see.

3. Bologna, Italy

Though Bologna might not be where your mind goes when you first think of the music capital of Italy, it’s an incredibly unique city with a lot to offer. For example, you can check out some of Europe’s best indie pop acts as they regularly pass through the NERO factory, one of the city’s best intimate venues.

Music lovers visiting Bologna will also greatly appreciate the various citywide festivals that happen such as the Bologna Sonic Park. These types of events often take place at the Arena Parco Nord in the summertime, taking advantage of the warm weather to give visitors an unforgettable experience.

2. Berlin, Germany

There’s no music scene quite like Berlin. Though the city is mostly known for its thriving techno scene, Berlin boasts a wide variety of different subcultures and genres to explore. Those looking to get into the heart of the club scene should look no further than Berghain. As the most notorious club in the city, it also has a steady line-up of performers and DJs from all over the world that makes it a must-do.

If you’re somebody more interested in hearing some underground music, Donau115 is a great venue at the center of Berlin’s underground music scene. Though it’s technically billed as a jazz club, there are a variety of local and international artists passing through Donau115 to make it one of the city’s most varied venues.

1. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

In Amsterdam, you can truly find an exciting venue for any genre of music. If you want to hear some amazing songwriters and performers from a variety of different countries, Paradiso is the place to do it. The acoustics at Paradiso are also incredible, with the venue occupying the building of a former church.

If you’re more of a festival-oriented person, this is no problem in Amsterdam. With events such as the Holland Festival, the Lowlands Festival and the Amsterdam Music Festival happening throughout the year, you’ll find it easy to dance the night away no matter when you’re visiting.

Since the music venues in Amsterdam are often in the center of the city, this means that you can go right from a concert to some of the city’s other tourist attractions such as the Ice Bar Amsterdam or top it off with a boat ride over the one of kind canals of Amsterdam!

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