The Hilarious Rock Timeline: From Classic To Modern [Infographic]

As some of you know, I am also a music producer and writer. I have written songs for artists all around the world. Few people know exactly what genre I am most active within. Actually it’s a hard question to answer since I have had pretty much the same success with pop as I have had with rock and r&b. Even though the songs sell, I usually get the most feedback on the rock songs that I write, especially when I sing them myself. Rock isn’t really the prime and most profitable genre to be in today, so songwriters tend to stick to what will probably work for 6 months up to a year from now.

However, Rock is one of the broadest and most successful genres of all time, and I am sure it’s pretty much the longest running genre that’s stayed on top or in the spotlight all through its lifetime. Where is it heading, and where does it come from? These are of course valid questions that some of us, specifically the younger audience of this music genre, seem to not know about. However, it doesn’t have to be like that, and you definitely don’t have to become a bookworm in order to acquire knowledge about this.

Just have a look at the enormously hilarious infographic toted together by and You just have to glance at it in order to get a smile on your face, but it is when you have a closer look at it that you know exactly to what degree this is funny. It’s ultimately correct, and I am sure if nothing really remarkable happens, the future of pure rock will definitely fall in line with the fate this infographic predicts. So the next time you say “Let’s rock!” know that it soon will leave a vacant expression on the person’s face you are looking at since he or she won’t know what the hell you mean.

The Rock History Timeline Infographic