Olympics Now In 8-Bit Style For Your Retro Pleasure

So the Olympics have been going on for a few days now, and several gold medals have been given out to the best athletes in the world. However, we are already seeing that some people have had enough of the events. Personally, I am still as eager to watch the events while I am working. I have contemplated whether or not I should just put the telly up above my workstation and abuse time that way, but my better sense told me that the micro exercise and extra focus I’ll get by not doing that is probably a good thing. All in all, there are 309 medals at stake, and so far China and the U.S. are hogging a lot of them. It can’t have escaped anyone that this Olympics is dubbed the “Social Olympics” since it has never before been covered through so many social networking services.

Maybe it is because of this that some people have gotten enough of the Olympics already. But don’t worry, there is currently a much more fun way to view some of the Olympic events. If you are a retro traveler like me, you will definitely love what Flikli put together. It is the Olympics in 8-bit retro style, and it is masterfully compiled just like how we used to see these animations back in the ’80s.

Wouldn’t it be even cooler if there was some kind of conversion engine that took the pixels of the real Olympics feed and converted it into an 8-bit feed? That would be such a geeky thing to watch. I wonder if someone has thought about that yet. It would be a real time conversion engine that takes the digital cable signal and turns it into pure 8-bit retroness. Well, for now we are left with this particularly awesome animation of the Olympics. This animation so reminds me of the game Decathlon on the Commodore 64 that I used to play as a youngster, so I had to incorporate it into the article. Oh how it brings back memories…

Flikli 8-Bit Animation Of The Olympics


Decathlon On Commodore 64

Via: [Walyou]