9 Reasons Why Bigfoot Still Exists

Bigfoot has been a recognizable creature that has lived on through many generations, yet has remained elusive in its sightings. Even with its long history of detections, there is still no scientific data to prove that Bigfoot actually exists, perhaps he is a figment of our imaginations? Or is he?

Is Bigfoot Real?

Despite the lack of scientific documentation of Bigfoot, there are some strange reoccurrences that often leave people pondering on its actual existence, and for some, actually… many, his existence seems to be believable.

Here are 9 Reasons Why Bigfoot Still Exists

Whether you refer to this overgrown gorilla-like animal as Bigfoot, Yeti or Sasquatch, his continuance is prominent regardless if he is real or fictional. Here are some reasons that people believe that Bigfoot does live among us and has so since indigenous times.

9 Reasons Bigfoot Still Exists


– Most Bigfoot sightings have been seen in the Pacific Northwest, this includes both the American and Canadian side, is this a coincidence? (Source: Wikipedia)

– Unexplainable teeth markings left as notches within carcasses that with further examination ruled out common wild animals and were double the size of a human’s jawline. Who could leave these unnatural markings? (Source: Ancient Origins)

– In 1960, Dr. Grover Krantz of Washington State University inspected casts and photos that were of an upright walking primate position that was not of any species already identified. How could this be faked? (Source: Animal Planet)

– Bigfoot is a big hit with cryptozoologists, in fact, Bigfoot is the most sought out for amongst these folks. Why would a group of people be so interested? (Source: Exemplore)

– The Patterson-Gimlin film is the most widely popular film based on two men who wanted to document Bigfoot. They did spot Bigfoot and recorded it. This is one of the only footage that has been analyzed in the past 40 years to not be proven as a hoax. How can this be explained? (Source: Animal Planet)

– There are many YouTube videos that can provide footage of this gigantic primate, but this one takes the cake. Here is 6 Believable Bigfoot Sightings/Footage (Video) – Why do they look so real? (Video: YouTube)

– Bigfoot, whether a myth, a hoax or real, remains very popular today despite its skeptics; more than a quarter of American’s believe that Bigfoot exists. That is a lot of American’s! (Source: Bigfoot110)

– There are dedicated organizations like, Bigfoot Field Research Organization, that spend their time sorting the inconclusive from the fake. (Source: BFRO)

– Television shows like Animal Planet’s “Finding Bigfoot”, which began in 2011 and still airing 7 seasons later is still growing in popularity.

Or “Bigfoot Town”, a fictional movie/TV show that is based on a small town ultimately stirred by a Bigfoot sighting and could be its savior (airing on Amazon Prime Fall 2016 and TV Show coming 2017)

You can find more information about Bigfoot Town on the movie’s official website.

Why would we still find stories about Bigfoot still entertaining in 2016?

Despite your belief surrounding Bigfoot, we must agree that his lengthy existence in the minds of many has continued to spark interest that surpasses its evidence. Perhaps, we like believing in the supernatural, or maybe, just maybe, we know that there are some things in this world that cannot be explained but does not mean that they do not exist.

Does Bigfoot Still Exist?

9 Reasons Bigfoot Still Exists