Amazing Star Wars Dogfight Shot Using Real Drones [Video]

I don’t think there is a single Star Wars fan out there that does not like the dogfight sequences in the Star Wars movies. They always show us something new, and they are getting more impressive for each new film. The only thing is that we have to wait so long for each movie, and when the addiction is real, it can be a very long wait. Luckily there are fans out there that are incredible at putting together their own fandom videos, and Corridor Digital is a team made out of a bunch of Star Wars die-hard fans doing exatly that. They have created “Drone Star Wars“, an incredible Star Wars dogfight short film shot using real drones.

The short film is roughly four and a half minutes and not a single frame is dull. The use of drones makes the entire video so believable that if shot with better cameras it would look like any old sequence from one of the original Star Wars movies.

Not only are the drones flown by professional drone flyers, but the drones have been equipped with X-Wing and Tie Fighter hull sections to make the lighting of the whole thing amazing. You can feel the intensity as the dogfight takes you through the woods and all the way into some really Star Wars:esque landscapes. Just throwing a glance at the video and you will think it’s a sequence from the original movies that you just haven’t seen yet. It’s nothing less than absolutely thrilling.

The Corridor Digital team hasn’t just produced this Star Wars dogfight short movie; they have created a lot of other impressive videos as well that are definitely worth your time. I would personally not mind sitting through a feature movie in which these guys did the special effects for. I am sure that they will be picked up by a major movie studio producer at any moment if they keep producing cool stuff like this.

Have a peek and cool down that Star Wars dogfight addiction of yours. If you don’t twitch at least one time while watching this short movie, you must be made of tougher stuff that me. I am myself going to have another peek at it and marvel over the thrilling drone flying skills and the special effects that these guys have been able to combine. Bring out the popcorn and the soda! Enjoy!

Amazing Star Wars Dogfight Short Movie

Star Wars Dogfight Drones

Star Wars Dogfight Drones

Star Wars Dogfight Drones