Angelic Saga Online Is A Magic Adventure Gone Wild

It is no secret that online games are becoming the standard these days. If the game can not be played online it is likely not going to amass the cult following some games are blessed with, that is the core perception among developers today. Today we are going to take a closer look at a new game called Angelic Saga Online, a strategic deck-building card game featuring a multitude of in-game quests, and real-time PVP battles against other human players.

Online card games have totally exploded over the last couple of years. Games like HearthStone and in-game deck-building games like Gwent (The Witcher 3) have gathered an almost uncountable number of players from around the world. Angelic Saga Online is most likely to join the ranks of these popular games with its own unique spin. So, what makes Angelic Saga Online so different from these other games and why should you pick it up and obsess about it?

Well, first of all, it’s a beautiful flash game. That could possibly be reason enough for you to start playing it, but it is also incredibly addictive and fun. Angelic Saga Online allows you to customize your deck with elemental forces acquired during your travels, then participate in a single-player quest line or in massive online tournaments. Progressing through Quests depletes Stamina (a resource which regenerates over time) so it’s a continuously strategic battle against time and your opponents.

So how do you acquire new cards to build up your invincible deck? It’s simple! You acquire new cards by pulling a Gacha. There are free Gacha that you get by using Gacha points, and paid Gacha which is accessed by using Nutaku gold.

As you advance through your quests, you will have to show your awesomeness in boss fights. They are incredibly powerful, however, when you win you will unlock and earn you benefits as well as unlock their special presentation scenes in the gallery section.

You can also upgrade your cards as you go through your quests. Cards can be upgraded either through experience, obtainable through quests or by upgrading them using materials gathered from clearing quests.

What makes Angelic Saga Online so addictive is the player mechanics and the way you go toe-to-toe with other players in individual battles or in tournaments. Hold on to your hat, though, once you start playing you won’t be able to stop. Building up your deck one upgrade or a card at a time is super fun and trying out your constantly evolving deck against other players is, as said, incredibly addictive.

The system requirements shouldn’t be a problem for most players. Angelic Saga Online runs on Windows Vista or later, Mac OS 10.9 or later, Adobe Flash player 11.9 or later,  Internet Explorer/FireFox/Chrome latest version. Now, show us what you got and let us know in the comment section below how you are doing. Let’s get the battles on!

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Angelic Saga Online Review

Angelic Saga Online Review

Angelic Saga Online Review