Anonymous Bitcoin Casinos – Everything You Should Know Before Signing Up

Ever wonder if there is a way to enjoy your favorite online casino games anonymously? A few years ago, this may have been impossible as there’s just no way to play without giving away any information. Even if some online casinos claim that you’re playing anonymously, they will still ask for your payment details which were usually a credit or debit card with your information.

Today, however, playing completely anonymously is possible thanks to cryptocurrencies. If you’re someone who’s looking to play real money games privately, then you may want to give anonymous Bitcoin casinos a shot. This type of online casino isn’t far from traditional ones that also allow you to Bet with BTC (Bitcoins).

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How Is It Anonymous And Safe?

When playing at an anonymous site, all you need to do is to set up a username and password. Some sites would only let you go through a CAPTCHA test for verification. Some would need you to input an email address which you can easily create under different information if you intend to not disclose any of yours. However, some may require you to input your mobile number for verification.

Most anonymous gambling sites only transact with cryptocurrencies to stay true to keeping their customers playing incognito. When you transact with cryptocurrencies, you don’t need to disclose any of your details. All you need is a wallet address and/or destination tag or ID. Nothing else will be asked and payments should be processed in real-time.

Like with any other type of casino gaming, anonymously gaming could also come with risks. This is why it’s best that you only deal with licensed operators. Avoid any gambling site that has no information on where it’s based and which jurisdiction issued an operating license. A gambling operator’s license information is usually located at the bottom of its website. You can also easily do a quick search of reviews that state whether a casino or betting site is licensed.

Some may also be wondering if using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Binance Coin, and others are safe. If you ask crypto users many of them will be quick to say that it has to be one of the safest payment solutions today.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are backed by a technology called Blockchain. This is a decentralized system that records every transaction made with any cryptocurrency. Blockchain transactions are secure because of cryptography.

If a block that consists of information transactions key is in any way changed, it then becomes invalid. This makes it hard or even impossible to cheat the transactions. Think of it as an online ledger that nobody can touch or manipulate.

What To Keep In Mind When Playing At An Anonymous Bitcoin Casino

There will always be pros and cons when gambling online and this is also the case for this type of casino. Anonymous gambling may be a trend right now but it’s not accessible and allowed in some places like in most of Europe. The UK has strict regulations in place for online casino customer verification. This is why you may not be able to find a completely anonymous casino if you’re from the UK.

Another disadvantage you may realize when you play on these sites is that game variety is limited. Most anonymous sites mainly offer slot machine games or pokies. But there are also good anonymous sites with other games and services available including sports betting.

What some people like about this type of online casino is that the registration process only takes a minute or two. However, if you don’t have cryptocurrencies yet, it may also take a while for you to get to play. Still, it’s better than traditional gambling sites that might require you to submit documents or proof of ID. For those sites, verification could take up to 48 hours.


Overall, anonymous Bitcoin casinos are best for people who want to keep their identities. One thing that you can do to make sure that no one can trace your online activities, you can also use VPN. What’s good about using VPN is that you can also bypass geographic restrictions without much hassle.

Since this type of casino is still in its infancy, many of them are trying to lure in more customers. This means only one thing: generous promos and bonuses. This is something you should take advantage of if you’re aiming to maximize your gaming budget.

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