Make Money Playing Blackjack Casino Bonuses – Guide And Strategy

Do you have the discipline needed to make money playing blackjack? Most people that try it fail but it comes down to using the right blackjack strategy and staying disciplined. Surprisingly there are numerous ways in which you can make money playing blackjack both at a casino as well as online casinos. When it comes to land-based casinos, you have to rely on card counting to make money. When it comes to playing online, you have to rely on blackjack casino bonuses.

Here’s everything you need to start making money playing blackjack

  1. A Basic Strategy Chart
  2. A Bankroll
  3. Blackjack Casino Bonuses

Master Blackjack With Basic Strategy In Just A Few Hours

It only takes a few hours of practice to master basic strategy for blackjack. Really you just need the right blackjack strategy chart to match the specific game you are playing and the chart is easy to follow. The chart is fairly simple to follow and you can start practicing blackjack right away. Your cards are on the left side of the chart while the dealer’s cards are at the top. You simply make the play based on the situation of your cards versus the dealer’s cards and pick the correct play in the box. Following this strategy will minimize the house edge and give you the highest RTP which is Return To Player. The chart data is courtesy of If you deviate from this strategy, you will start to lose more than you win and this is where players go wrong.

Blackjack Casino Bonuses Strategy Guide

After you play a few hands and get comfortable, you’ll want to try memorizing the chart so you can eventually call the right play without having to look at the chart. You’ll want it memorized to save you time and if you are going to play at a real casino then they won’t allow you to bring in charts.

Your Blackjack Bankroll

You know the saying, you need money to make money and that is so true when it comes to gambling. The only exception to this rule is by playing no deposit casino bonuses where you are giving money to play with which you could use to win and cashout. Otherwise, you’ll need some money to deposit in the casino and when playing online blackjack, almost all online casinos offer welcome bonuses.

How much do you need?

For playing online blackjack and getting bonuses, the more you have the better but it’s also possible to start with a small bankroll where if you win early, that can be part of your bankroll building process. Remember to only start with an amount that you are fully prepared to lose in case the cards don’t go your way.

Blackjack Casino Bonuses

[pullquote]You absolutely need casino bonuses to make a profit and without, you’ll just be losing money to the casino even with basic strategy under your belt.[/pullquote] Most casinos will match your bonus, around 100% of your deposit so if you deposited $100 they would give you another $100 and start with $200. You cannot withdraw the bonus as soon as you get it, otherwise, these casinos would all go out of business. Most casino bonuses are for slots and some allow blackjack but the wagering requirements are higher for blackjack so you’ll have to read the fine print on this one.

Blackjack Casino Bonuses Strategy Guide

The term for profiting from casino bonuses has a few names, casino bonus hunting, bonus bagging and some even call it bonus whoring. Although there are hundreds or thousands of online casinos around, we recommend you only stick to 50 to 100 max and try to play at reputable casinos only that you know will pay you out.

Card Counting in Blackjack

Did you know that card counting isn’t illegal at all? It isn’t, however, it doesn’t mean you still can’t get kicked out of a casino for trying it. Mastering card counting is far more difficult than it is for bonus hunting with blackjack bonuses. Depending on the person, learning to count cards can take anyone 40 to 100 hours or practice and memorization.

Myth: You can’t count cards playing online blackjack unless you are playing live dealer blackjack.

Blackjack Tournaments

It is possible to profit from online blackjack tournaments but it requires a lot of patience. At least if you have basic strategy under your belt then you’ll automatically be better than most players. Most players in any blackjack tournament will be playing without any strategy and that is automatically your advantage right away. In a tournament whether an online blackjack tournament or one hosted at a b&m casino, you’ll be ahead of the pack when you have basic strategy mastered. For online tournaments sometimes you’ll get access to freerolls and other tournaments might have a small buy-in amount that can be as low as a few dollars. For tournaments that have a prize pool plus a pot, this is where you have more money come into play so these tournaments are more fun when players can get add-ons.

Live Dealer Blackjack

More casinos are offering live dealers as part of their games and this is in addition to the RNG blackjack which you are playing against the computer. Against the computer, the game can go faster but the game is much slower in playing live dealer as you usually have other players at the table but it’s more fun to interact this way. You can’t count cards playing RNG blackjack and although it’s technically possible doing this with live dealer blackjack, it’s tougher to do as they like to cut the decks too often to prevent advantage players from gaining a player edge.

Blackjack Casino Bonuses Strategy Guide

Blackjack Books & Resources

There is a wealth of blackjack information out there including on Wikipedia. For books, there are some great books out the like Blackjack for Blood which are one of the go-to books players use for learning to count cards. Remember basic strategy should take only a few hours to master. – For more casino tips here on Bit Rebels, click here!

Playing Blackjack Casino Bonuses – Guide And Strategy

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