Awesome Pepsi Soccer Commercials

I love commercials, to the point of taking up advertising arts  in college.   I love the process when creating them and also enjoy producing them when I was working on above the line advertising.  Now that I do below the line, I still enjoy watching truly thought of and creative TVCs.

I have compiled  some PEPSI soccer commercials that I thought were brilliant. They are funny and unexpected and amazing as well. The plays makes you want to watch the entire TVC.    Soccer or Football is big everywhere and the brand was able to leverage on that for sure.  My particular favorite is the 2nd commercial because for one it was pretty refreshing to see this kind of take.  Truly funny and entertaining.   What is cool as well is that the plays or moves if i may say so were  totally awesome!!  The storyline is witty and the shots were crisp.  Creativity is key when making such commercials and I must say all four below showed it in abundance.