Back to the Future: The New Gaming Series!

I’ve always been interested in time travel, I’ve written about it before on Bit Rebels. When I was a little kid, I turned my closet into a time machine. I would go inside, sit in a chair, close the door, and pretend that when I opened the door and came out, I would be in the future.

When I was growing up, Back to the Future was always one of my favorite movies, and when I found out this week that it’s come out in a series of video games, I got all giddy about time travel again, like when I was a kid.

A few days ago, Telltale Games announced that they would celebrate the 25th anniversary of the movie franchise (which has generated one billion dollars worldwide) by releasing a series of Back to the Future games beginning this winter. You’ll be happy to know that the games will include Marty McFly, Doc Brown and the famous DeLorean Time Mahine. Christopher Lloyd is even going to voice Doc Brown in the games. Yes!! You can check out the game’s first images and info at Back to the Future Game.