Beatles Inspired Designs: Travel Down Memory Lane!

I remember when I was young my older brother played Beatles’ songs while we rode to school everyday. I grew up with Ringo, Paul, George and John through their music. My brother loved music, and he was the one who introduced us to the Beatles’ music. He had a collection of all their albums. For the very young readers, the Beatles are a band that originated in Liverpool, England in the 1960s. My favorite songs are “Help,” “Ticket to Ride,” “Yesterday” and “Let It Be.” Not only were they popular through their music, but they did some memorable movies also including “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart’s Club!” I remember watching it with my grandparents.

Even after they disbanded, the group continued on with their music, and people still continued to buy their albums. They were dubbed as the legend that changed music forever. Even now people still listen to their music, and people are inspired by them. I was listening to some of their music today and was inspired to look at some of the designs that are inspired by the Beatles. Below are some of the coolest designs I was able to find. Their influence is there with an edge and modern look. My favorite is the Beatle Juice and the T-Shirt Boxes. They are very creative and catchy with a touch of humor. I know if my brother was alive today, he would have gotten all of these for his collection. Inspiration can truly come from so many things, from the things we see, experience, hear and a musical genre that will continue to live forever.

Image Credits: [kenny1 / Shutterstock] [Beatle Juice] [Man Alive Design] [Design O’Blog] [Selectism]