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Lotteries are a great way to up your opportunities and claim the cash with a bit of thrill and chance in the mix. To add to the excitement, BC GAME has enchanted the adventure with the addition of a jackpot. A jackpot in any sense of the world is exciting, but if you manage to find yourself a jackpot lottery on a quality site like BC GAME, be sure not to pass up the opportunity.

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What Is A Jackpot Lottery?

A lottery is one of the most widely used forms of gambling, with most countries offering their own national lottery opportunity. Some well-known lottery options include the Powerball, Mega Millions, and many others. The best way to up the action with a lottery bet is by adding a jackpot into the mix, and at BC GAME, players can try their luck by participating daily for a whopping $100,0000.

A lottery allows players to pick a selection of numbers in the hopes of a win. The aim is to get as many numbers to match the randomly selected numbers drawn. The more numbers that match, the bigger your cash prize.

Jackpot Lottery At BC GAME

At BC GAME, the jackpot lottery is up for grabs every day, with a fresh prize pool of $100,000 daily. The best part about the BC lottery is that the fun can be accessed from just about anywhere, thanks to mobile optimization and an excellent BC GAME casino app.

To participate in the BC lottery, buy a ticket that costs $0.01 or 1 BCD. Players are eligible to purchase more than one ticket, upping their chances of winning. The BC Jackpot lottery is 100% provably fair. All results are accurate and can be verified by players at any time.

To find the lottery, head to the BC GAME website and scroll down the screen. On the left navigation bar, players will find all the site’s most eccentric features. The lottery is listed just below promotions and above affiliates.

Here is a step-by-step process to joining in on the BC GAME jackpot lottery action:

Step one: Buy your ticket

1 ticket = $0.01

Step Two: Wait for the draw

The daily lottery draw takes place at 15:00 UTC+0

Step Three: Check for a win

Once the draw has taken place, head over to the lottery page and check your prizes. With $100,000, let’s hope you win something!

Try Your Luck With BC GAME and The Jackpot Lottery

Daily rewards have never sounded better. Sign up with BC GAME and take part in the hundreds of ways to win on a daily basis. One of the best ways is claiming the daily spin worth up to 1 BTC per day and buying tickets to the daily jackpot lottery, giving away up to $100,000 a day.

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