The Growth Of The Mobile Gambling Industry [Infographic]

I know a lot of people that think that when you’re talking about apps they think you are solely talking about video games. When I say video games, I mean titles like Candy Crush Saga, Clash of Clans and the likes. However, there are multiple branches when it comes to video games, and the branch that is currently enjoying the most growth is the mobile gambling industry. It has been estimated that this year (2017) the mobile gambling industry will hit a market value of more than $100 billion. It seems people enjoy a casual casino game over a stressful battle of the clans.

A recent study that led to the creation of an infographic called “The Growth Of The Mobile Gambling Industry,” shows that the market share for mobile gambling is growing at an unprecedented rate. The infographic, which can be found below, suggests that the growth is increasing with an average growth of around 5-6 percent per year. This while the desktop gambling market share is, of course, decreasing.

Also, tablet gambling saw an estimated increase of 80% over just one year in 2015. This is quite astounding and something that developers should take note of. Some of the sites that are leading the mobile gambling development, such as Online Casino Canada and  Online Casino New Zealand, are currently shaping the future of mobile gambling altogether. Their influence on the market may very well be what becomes the norm in a few years from now.

When something is successful, more companies want to cash in which further increases the market growth. It’s a positive development and one that may very well make mobile gambling one of the most innovative markets on the Internet.

The driving factor that can be tributed to the market’s insane growth is, of course, the convenience and easy access when gambling on your mobile instead of actually going to a casino. Furthermore, the fact that winnings sometimes are up in the millions of dollars does not exactly slow down the intriguing factor of using your mobile to gamble either. [pullquote]Just the notion that you can win millions of dollars while casually playing on your smartphone while taking the subway home from work is a tickling thought.[/pullquote] This alone has made mobile gambling into an art that requires precise and well-crafted game mechanics.

When we take a closer look at the smartphone brand that is currently driving the development of mobile gambling, it comes somewhat as a surprise. The leader in mobile gambling apps is actually Android. The number of gambling apps on the iOS devices is not increasing as fast as it does on Android devices. With around 60% market share, Android is dwarfing iOS devices with their around 20% market share.

If anything, I would recommend developers to take a closer look at the infographic presented in this article. Perhaps you will be the one that will push mobile gambling to the next level and join the above leaders. No doubt is it where the money is right now and by the looks of it the growth is not slowing down anytime soon. What’s more interesting is what features mobile gambling will introduce in the future that physical casinos just can’t implement. The future is exciting and I will definitely keep an eye on this market along with the aforementioned casinos.

Mobile Gambling Growth Statistics (2017)

Mobile Gambling Growth Statistics Infographic

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