Best Solitaire Games You Must Try Now

Whether you’re on call waiting or whether you’re on the phone with a friend and need something to do with your hands, there’s nothing like doing some focused multi-tasking. Playing solitaire is a great way to spend this time. There are a few different kinds of solitaire you can play. Here are my top 3 choices.

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Pyramid Solitaire

The layout of this type of solitaire is a little different than most solitaire layouts. In pyramid solitaire, the face-up cards are organized into a pyramid made up of 7 rows.

Here is how pyramid solitaire works:

  • You are dealt a 7-row pyramid. The top rox has 1 cad, the second row has 2 cards. Each row has another card added until it stops at the seventh row with 7 cards. The remaining deck is at the bottom of the pyramid.
  • Cards are removed in pairs that add up to 13. All cards are taken for face value except for the ace which has a value of 1, the Jack which is 11, the Queen which is 12, and the King which is 13. Kings are removed without a pair.
  • The object of the game is to get rid of all the cards in the pyramid.

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Spider Solitaire

The name comes from the 8 foundation piles that you make in the game.

Here’s how to play Spider Solitaire:

  • The object of the game is to create 8 suits lined up according to the value of the card, from King to Ace.
  • You may move cards from column to column as long as the cards are kept in order of value, no matter the suit of the card.
  • You may draw a card from the stockpile to help.
  • You may click on the ‘hint’ button to be shown which cards can be moved from the same suit or from different suits.

Solitaire Turn 3

Solitaire Turn 3 offers more of a challenge.

Here is how to play Solitaire Turn 3:

  • 28 out of 52 cards are dealt into 7 columns in the Tableau. There are 7 cards face-up and 21 cards face-down. The stockpile consists of the remaining 24 cards.
  • The object of the game is to move all the cards to 4 empty foundation piles, one for each suit. Each foundation pile can hold the same suit of cards in order of value from Ace to King.
  • In order to reveal the face-down cards in the Tableau, you have to move the card that’s face-up to a column with a card of higher value and a different color.
  • If you need more cards, you can click on the stockpile. You will be dealt 3 new cards, however, you may only use the card that is at the top of the 3.
  • If a column in the Tableau empties out, you may only place a King there.

The Takeaway

All these kinds of solitaire provide a fun way to get your hands moving and to stimulate your brain. With so many options, there is a kind of solitaire for every moment. Enjoy your next game.

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