The Best Vehicles In Warzone: Hacks And Cheats

Raven Software pushed the boundaries of battle royale gameplay when they added vehicles to Warzone. They introduced a variety of options for players to traverse the expansive Al Mazrah map.

Each vehicle can sustain damage and withstand some impact, but players must be careful about getting caught up in an attack. The vehicles can also explode if their health meter reaches a certain threshold.

 Best Vehicles Warzone Hacks Cheats


1. Cargo Truck

Cargo Trucks are the workhorses of the COG Armed Forces, ferrying personnel, equipment, supplies, and Gears to bases, other vehicles, and locations across Sera. Players can use these trucks to earn money and XP by taking on jobs and delivering cargo.

However, they will need to be careful when driving as there are numerous unpredictable elements that may interfere with their journey. Taking as much time as possible can help them avoid these elements and protect their cargo and vehicle.

Another way to improve their performance is by turning on the turn signals when switching lanes or making turns. This will tell the AI traffic to get out of your way, allowing players to make changes without risking their cargo or vehicle.

Players can also increase their truck’s power by using Warzone Hacks the engine or installing additional upgrades. This will allow them to travel faster and earn more money in a shorter amount of time.

Another trick that seasoned players can use is to eliminate the need for refueling in their cargo trucks by simply entering and exiting the service station. This will prevent them from having to pay for gas and avoid any penalties if they’re caught.

2. Tactical Rover

When it comes to traversing the map of Al Mazrah, efficiency is key in Call of Duty’s Warzone 2. Infinity Ward has introduced tons of vehicles for players to hop into and drive across this huge, rugged environment.

Each vehicle has its strengths and weaknesses based on speed, durability, fuel efficiency, and more.

Among the best ground vehicles in Warzone 2 is the Cargo Truck. It is armored and can fit four seated passengers, including the driver. It can withstand a lot of damage and is an excellent vehicle for moving quickly between points of interest (POIs) on the map.

Another good option is the UTV, which is a great way to zip between POIs and can carry a squad of four players, including the driver. The only downside to this vehicle is that enemies can land devastating headshots on its occupants, as it offers little protection.

Another fast, but lightly-armored vehicle in Warzone 2 is the Chop Top. This open-top off-road vehicle can offer quick repositioning, but its low damage rating and lack of protection make it a bad choice for long-distance travel on the map.

3. ATV

There are a number of different vehicles available to players in Warzone, with each offering varying degrees of speed and protection. Each can be used to traverse the map, whether you’re looting, relocating, or trying to make it out of the collapsing circle before time runs out.

The ATV is a small, agile vehicle that can seat two players at once. Its nimble nature makes it ideal for zipping around the map and can be particularly useful when trying to evade fire or outrun the shrinking circle.

While the ATV offers no real defense, it is able to move fast and can scale steep inclines with ease. However, its open-top design means enemies can easily score headshots on its occupants, so players should use the ATV only for quick movements or as cover.

The infamous TikToker Timmy2Cans has become notorious for using his ATV to sneak into locations it doesn’t belong. While this may make for some entertaining videos, it’s not advised as it’ll put you in danger and will likely lead to a swift elimination.

Moreover, players should always be cautious when driving in areas that aren’t meant for vehicles as they can run into the path of oncoming traffic.

4. UTV

The UTV is a decent vehicle for teams that don’t have the Cargo Truck or Tactical Rover available. It can fit three players inside, including the driver, and can sustain a good amount of damage before blowing up.

Its disadvantage is the bright colors that make it easy to spot from afar, and the fact that enemies can easily shoot through the back window and take out passengers.

Its high acceleration is useful for racing away from an enemy or getting to a key location quickly. It does not provide much protection, however, and can be blown up with a single bullet to the engine.

It can also track enemies from the air, with the driver and one passenger at the front and a few on the flatbed.

It is the fastest vehicle in Warzone Pacific and can travel over a long distance on one tank of fuel. However, it is also a very loud mode of transportation that can easily be spotted from afar.

In addition, it can be destroyed with a single missile to the hull. Despite its limitations, a Helicopter is still a good option for experienced pilots who want to rain down bullets on enemies and claim a legendary crate in Caldera.

5. Chop Top

With the addition of a dozen vehicles in Warzone 2.0, players have more options than ever to explore Call of Duty’s largest map.

They can drive a car to cruise around the streets, hop on an armored truck to defend their position, or use a helicopter to patrol the skies.

But which vehicle is the fastest? It’s important to know because traversing the massive Al Mazrah map quickly will help squads get from point A to point B. YouTuber JGOD has analyzed the stats for each vehicle in order to determine which one is the best.

The fastest vehicles in Warzone are the Sports-Utility Vehicle and the Helicopter. The Utility Truck offers more protection than the standard Cargo Truck but maintains a similar speed. The Helicopter, on the other hand, can take multiple rocket launcher hits while providing a birds-eye view of the map.

Aside from those two, the rest of the vehicles offer comparable speed and durability.

6. Helicopter

The helicopter is a type of aircraft that does not have wings but has long blades that rotate. This allows it to fly in any direction, forward or back, up or down, or stay at one location.

Helicopters are often used to rescue people from disasters, like fires or floods. They can also carry injured people to hospitals. The military uses them to attack enemy targets and to transport soldiers. Police officers use them to hunt down criminals.

Farmers use them to spread seeds and fertilizers on their crops.

Helicopters are very fast, so they can move around the map quickly. This makes them very useful for fighting war zones, especially when the battlefield is crowded with other vehicles. To make your helicopter more maneuverable, press CIRCLE while driving.

This will decrease the vehicle’s gravity and make it easier to steer. You can also press CIRCLE after jumping to float down and drift around easily.

 Best Vehicles Warzone Hacks Cheats


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