Cartographer Creates Full Map Of LOST Island

I have to admit that I am not a LOST fanatic like so many people out there today. However, don’t for a second think I am in any way dissing the show, quite the contrary. I decided early on that I wasn’t going to follow LOST cause I would lose too much time and not be able to keep up the high pace that is required to keep Bit Rebels updated and work on client projects at the same time. Many times over, I have regretted my decision only to be content with it when I once again take a look at the workload that we face here on Bit Rebels every day.

However, I couldn’t pass up this awesome design idea done by talented cartographer Jonah M. Adkins. The detail is just amazing, and it helps me understand the concept of LOST with just a few glimpses. All the events become crystal clear, and I feel like I could jump in and watch LOST at any time and still know where things and events are located without even having watched one full episode.

Jonah created a first set of maps back in 2006, and it ended up everywhere. This followup is most likely to follow exactly the same route. However, this time Jonah has put a well deserved watermark on the maps to retain his integrity in case someone wants to print them. This way, he can hopefully make some profit off the awesome work that he’s done. I urge you to go to his official website and leave a comment just to tell the guy how awesome he is for making this epic map.

(Click Images To See Hi-Res Maps)


  • comment-avatar
    Jeff 8 years

    If Flight 815 left Sydney for Los Angeles, then why does the map (and the orientation of the island) show the plane flying south instead of northeast?

    • comment-avatar
      Kirk 8 years

      Because they were 1000 miles off course before they knew what was going on. The Island does not lie directly below the Sydney to Los Angeles flight path.

  • comment-avatar
    Mona 6 years

    Thanks for the cool stuff
    but i can’t read the written things in maps, even when i click on them and get high resolutions.

  • comment-avatar
    rxn 6 years

    Are these all by the same person? It seems the maps contradict each other in a few places, mainly the location of the Hydra station island. One puts it far off the coast to the north, another has it just barely off the east coast.