The Biggest And The Best Video Game Franchises Revealed [Infographic]

Video games are a passion and obsession for many and popular video games have a massive cult following around the globe. Some of the most popular video games are a part of franchises that have video game fanatics on the edge of their seats on the night of new releases and updates. These franchises manage to own the largest share of the video game market due to the growing love of the players for the characters and the game environment which they have become accustomed to.

Today, we present to you an interesting infographic that delves deeper into the history of the most successful video game franchises that have captured the hearts of the players and reaped the maximum profits over the years.

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Topping the list of the most successful video game franchises is every 90’s kid’s favorite game, Mario. First released in 1981, Mario became extremely popular among adults and children alike and the developers at Nintendo have released various updates and modernized versions ever since.

As described by Business Insider the latest version of the classic game, the Super Mario Odyssey, has managed to impress the gamers, and this video game franchise continues to gain new fans in the millennials. [pullquote]With over 250 game titles and over 528 million copies sold worldwide, it is hard for any other video game to beat the old world charm of this legendary game.[/pullquote]

Coming in second is yet another classic, Tetris, the game where you need fit differently shaped blocks to create smooth walls to earn points. As simple as it may sound, the game can be quite challenging and extremely addictive, often causing the players to see the moving blocks when they close their eyes, even hours after playing the game.

This Tetris Effect may sound dangerous but in fact, this visually demanding game has been proven to help the patients of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, by blocking out the painful memories, as reported by Since its initial release in 1984, this video game franchise has sold 495 million copies of its 79 game titles and is still the favorite puzzle video game of the masses.

At number 3 and 4 are Pokemon and Grand Theft Auto, with total sales of 290 million and 250 million copies respectively. The most popular titles from Pokemon include Pokemon Red and Blue, Pokemon Crystal, and Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. More than just a game, Pokemon is a worldwide sensation with its cute characters that have a huge fan following.

GTA, on the other hand, is a virtual world quite similar to our own, only one filled with way more action and adventure. The most popular titles of this video game franchise include GTA V and GTA IV.

Wondering where your favorite video game franchise stands on the list? Check out the infographic below to delve into the grand legacy of the world’s most loved video games. You can also visit for some fascinating facts about the video game franchises that rule the market.

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The Biggest And The Best Video Game Franchises Revealed

Video Game Franchises Infographic