Blackjack – The Best Casino Game You Should Try This 2022

If you have been visiting the casino for a long time, you must have heard about blackjack. It is a popular game that every beginner can take part in. However, if you have been skipping this game, you ought to try it this 2022. Due to its easy concept, blackjack might become your new favorite casino game this year.

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What Are The Objectives Of Blackjack?

Blackjack is an easy game with straightforward objectives. The game is held on a semicircular table that usually accommodates up to seven players, but some casinos can have 12 spots.

Furthermore, the main objective of a blackjack casino game is to collect cards that surpass the dealer and get a total value of 21 as possible without getting a bust or exceeding the required number.

What Are The Rules In Blackjack?

Now that you are aware of the goals. The goals are as simple and as uncomplicated as the game’s goals. So in trying to win blackjack, you must then familiarize yourself with the primary rules of blackjack.

  • The number cards are worth the value indicated on them. Meanwhile, face cards are worth ten, and the Aces can be treated as one or 11.
  • The players must place their bets in their betting positions.
  • Every player will start with two cards. After placing the bet, the two cards should be faced-up while the dealer’s other card will be hidden or face down.
  • Calling “Hit” means asking for an extra card. When players call for “Stand,” they wish to pass and end their turn.
  • A player can call for “Hit” or “Stand” numerous times but must prevent getting a bust.
  • If you bust, the dealer automatically wins, and you lose.
  • Once all the players’ turns are done, the dealer will play. He will call for a “Hit” or “Stand.” If the dealer busts, all players win the game.
  • After reaching a valid hand, the dealer will compare each players’ total cards. If the player gets the higher value, they win. If otherwise, the player loses. However, if they tie with the dealer, the original bet is returned to them.

What Are She Side Bets?

Now that you are more familiar with the primary objective and its basic rules, it is best to take your blackjack experience to a notch. What makes this casino game an exciting and never tiring game is that you can also push for side bets.

These bets are additional wagers you place during the standard game. Unlike the main game, side bets are usually a game of prediction. Here are the common side bets you can do in blackjack:


This side bet is adapted from the poker game. It is also a favorite for bettors who want to earn profits because you can win in several ways. It includes examining the cards of the dealer and the player. You can win when you get any of these combinations:

  • This combination consists of all three cards having the same suit.
  • Straight is when all cards have consecutive values.
  • Three Of A Kind. This combination involves three cards having the same value and not matching suits.
  • Straight Flush. Straight flush and straight bets are different. This combination will require you to have consecutive cards with the same suit.
  • Suited Triple. Unlike three of a kind, the cards need to have the same color, value and suit to win a suited triple.


Insurance is the type of side wager when the dealer has an ace on his face-up card. This bet involves wagering whether the dealer’s card is a blackjack (ace card with any Jack, Queen, King, or 10). The maximum amount the player can wager is half of their main bet.

Perfect Pairs

This side bet focuses only on the player’s cards. To win perfect pairs, you must have any of the following types of pairs:

  • Colored Pair. Color pair is when your cards get the same color and value.
  • Mixed Pair. You can win this pair if both of your cards have the same value.
  • Perfect Pair. Meanwhile, the ideal pair is when your cards have the same color, value, and suit.

Super Sevens

If your first three cards contain the value seven, you can win the super sevens side sevens. You get a 3:1 pay if you have a card of seven, while two unsuited sevens will get you 50:1.

For a bigger payout, two suited sevens on your first three cards pay 100:1, but three unsuited sevens pay 500:1. The biggest payout for super sevens would be a suited payout which pays 5000:1.

Final Thoughts

Although blackjack is a popular casino game, not everyone has tried it or even given this a chance. With its simple theme, people tend to avoid it because they think there is no profit to this. However, this is where they go wrong. Now that you are more familiar with this casino game take this chance to play blackjack all out this 2022!

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