Blowing Super Mario Is Now Generating Music

Super Mario is one of the worlds most famous game characters and a legends in terms of game play and sales. Super Mario represents everything we know about our childhood and the fun times we had together with our friends. I spent a good time of my childhood playing Super Mario and Zelda, two games that have only become more legendary for every new incarnation that is released.

Writing songs for a living pretty much my whole life made me interested in this highly genius and geeky little invention. Someone took a giant leap of understanding of how the cartridges worked, or rather didn’t work, making us have to blow into the cartridge to make it work again. That very same someone made some additional changes to the cartridge to make it an instrument. By removing the mechanics inside the cartridge and instead installing a harmonica, the cartridge became a full grown geek instrument that anyone can use.

The item in itself has become a huge success and is now sold furiously on ebay. It’s one of those unexpected things to become something that every 8bit loving nerd wants in their possession. Just knowing you can bring that piece of entertainment up whenever you have a party or some friends over to dazzle them with your talent is just brilliant. All I am doing now is wondering when we’ll see that someone when he understands that he’s just wrecked two legendary games possibly worth thousands of dollars just to make a cartridge harmonica. Oh sorry, I mean “Nintendo Harmonica” as the inventor has named it. So what do you think, hit or miss?