13 Burning Questions About Breaking Bad’s Storage Unit [Infographic]

Almost everyone I know is dying to see the Breaking Bad series finale this Sunday. There are so many questions, especially about that money-filled storage unit. Have you ever seen a storage unit and wondered if anything extraordinary could be hidden inside? Breaking Bad demonstrated that something monumental could be tucked inside a simple 10 feet by 15 feet storage unit after revealing its main characters were able to hide $80 million inside of one.

How could $80 million fit into a storage unit without anyone noticing? In the show, Skyler only needs a few items in order to keep the money protected such as: a 9’ x 12’ heavy-duty red tarp, humidifier, bed sheet, professional dial scale, and a can of Raid Ant & Roach Killer totaling $355.96 (monthly rent of the unit roughly costs $95 to $100). Okay, the characters only needed to sneak some small items into the unit to protect the money.

They couldn’t conceal moving $80 million dollars, right? Possibly. The pile of money revealed in the storage unit is roughly 6.17 feet long, 3.25 feet wide and 2 feet high, easily the size of a futon. A case out of Massachusetts provides a real-life example. In July of 2013, police discovered $10 million in cash hidden by a drug trafficker in a storage unit only 30 minutes north of Boston. Can you believe that?

Getting $80 million into a storage unit for the show’s characters may have proven simple, but Walt learned how difficult it could be to move it. To learn more interesting facts about storage unit 2065 from Breaking Bad, check out this infographic called How Much Is Enough? by SpareFoot. If you are sad that Breaking Bad is about to end, cheer up. After all, The Walking Dead starts again in a couple weeks!

Questions About Breaking Bad’s Storage Unit 2065

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Via: [TV.com]