Dress In Breaking Bad Style: Being Bad Never Looked So Good

AMC’s Breaking Bad television show is oh so good. As an avid fan, I am waiting for its return next summer to see the last episodes of the series. This dramatically epic show’s premise is about a man (Walter White) with a less than strong personality who becomes diagnosed with cancer. From there is where the show really takes off. It is the definitive moment when morality vs. your own mortality can toy with your life, depending on the choices you make.

Fans like us love Mr. White, and some even like him more when he is Heisenberg. Watching the dangerous moments with him and his sidekick Jesse Pinkman will make you become addicted, to the show that is. You may be surprised to find out that you will learn more about chemistry than you ever did in school, that “ding” can create a big boom, that a fast food restaurant or car wash is not always what it seems to be or that unanimously we can agree that magnets can be really awesome…really, really awesome.

Since the show is heading towards its final goodbye come early next year, mega Breaking Bad fans want something to hold on to as their favorite characters evaporate much like Gus. It has most certainly been a great run, from the days in the old RV, to the ginormous lab; even to the make shift ones. But as we have learned, a fly can be annoying, nervous breakdowns are always lurking (Skylar I am talking to you) and kleptomania is not the worst possible crime you can commit within a family.

Oh no, we have seen what an impending death can do when you make the wrong choices. Although, those choices changed Mr. White into being THE danger and the one who knocks. The once timid Chemistry teacher has turned into a street king. Shall we say it together? All hail the king! Here is a collective gathering of the best Breaking Bad apparel we have found scattered across the web.

Breaking Bad Style Head To Toe


Breaking Heisenberg T-Shirt

This portrait of Heisenberg via this Breaking Heisenberg T-Shirt is sketched on lined school paper. It is very reminiscent of the one that was made for the police. Mr. White’s brother in-law Hank’s DEA force showed it in various episodes. Walter would get life if he gets caught (with no chance of being set free), but you will only have to pay $16 for this tee.


Contaminant Watch

This uniquely designed Breaking Bad inspired watch is based on the episode titled “The Fly.” This episode was a bit out of the box for the show, but it was one of the most memorable. The Contaminant Watch inventor is Tristan Eaton, and it is available on Vannen for $80.


The Danger T-Shirt

This dangerous looking T-Shirt offered at RedRubble for $25 will have you sporting Mr. White as Heisenberg everywhere you go. The Danger T-Shirt is designed to mimic another entertainment mobster/gangster, The Godfather.

The Danger RedBubble TShirt

Drug Runners (Chuck Taylor’s Converse Shoes)

These back-in-style Converse shoes are not only dressed up with a well-known label but with beloved character faces from Breaking Bad. The Drug Runner Shoes from the Ave Venice sport the faces of Mr. White, Jesse Pinkman and Gus.


There is tons of hot apparel out there to help our Breaking Bad memories to keep lingering long after the show departs from our screens. However, if you want to wear Breaking Bad from head to toe, this is how it is done… for some reason I feel like throwing in a YO… so I will. Being bad never looked so good!