Browser Games Show A Boost In Popularity Among Online Games

The gaming industry is bigger than ever. It is often said that games have surpassed the movie industry but that all depends on perspective. When comparing box office revenue, excluding DVD sales, with the gaming industry, including all platforms and peripherals, then yes, gaming is twice as big as movies. But the largest grossing movie worldwide which is Avatar with 2,7 billion dollars, still tops the best-selling game ever, namely GTA-V with 2,2 billion dollar sales worldwide.

But gaming contains many different niches. PC games, console games, mobile games and browser games all have their own markets. In this article, we will look at browser games that can be played in any browser that supports HTML5 and make for some quick entertainment to do between tasks. [pullquote]Browser games come in many different categories: puzzle games, classic games, casino games, MMORPG, strategy games, story games, board game simulators, just to name a few.[/pullquote] There surely is something out there for each person’s taste. We want to point out some of our all times favorites.

ContreJour has been around for a few years already for mobile devices but now also has a browser version. In this very atmospheric game, the player moves around a one-eyed creature by manipulating the environment. There are many similar games but this one is special. The name refers to the design style that is inspired by a photograph technique of photographing into the light source which results in strong contrasting images. Accompanied with calm music that will remind you of Amelia, this game allows for some soothing time clicking away through the levels.

Cube Slam is a fun little arcade game playing pong in 3D with bears or against your friends. This is a classic in a very good fresh format. If the player chooses the option to play a friend you get a link that you send to your friend and by granting access to your camera and microphone you can play pong while seeing your opponent live on the other side of the field. Including powerups and obstacles, this game makes for some great in between work fun.

Casino games are to be found everywhere on the web with new slots and formats being published constantly. The classic concept of lining three, or more, of the same symbols up in order to win, such as tic-tac-toe which you can play in google by simply typing ‘tic tac toe’ in the search bar, takes a completely different form in gridland. What starts as a simple line up game such as Candy crush, takes an unexpected course when day becomes night time. Try to figure out yourself how to make it through the night and into the next day.

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Browser Games – Growing Popularity Among Online Games

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