Buy & Sell CSGO Skins – How To Do It

CSGO skins have long turned into a small business for players and skin trading shows a steadily increasing profitability growth from year to year. According to Bloomberg research, by the end of 2015, more than 3 million gamers had sold more than $2.3 billion worth of skins on the Web, with buyers paying more than $15,000 for some lots.

You can buy and sell skins anywhere, either on the Steam community market (keep in mind that you can’t withdraw money here) or on this site, where you will find a huge collection of skins with quite rare items available at the most loyal prices on the Web.

Now we will tell you in detail how and where to buy and sell CSGO skins to make some good profit.

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How To Buy CSGO Skins?

How To Buy Skins On Steam Community Market – A Step-By-Step Guide

The easiest and most obvious way to buy CS:GO skins is to get them on the Steam community market. Keep in mind that the prices may vary greatly here, so check the price chart before buying. If you have a new account, you will have to unlock the possibility to buy items. In this case, you can wait a while or buy a game (for example, CS:GO). Here is what to do next:

  • download the Steam application, or go to the official website and log in;
  • click on the “Community” button and select the “Marketplace” item in the menu;
  • select the game on the right side of the application (or website);
  • enter the name of the skin in the search bar (use filters, for example, “Stattrak”);
  • replenish your balance and pay for the purchase.

How To Buy Skins On Websites – A Step-By-Step Guide

Skin sites are similar to the Steam community market, but the prices can be higher or lower here. Also, you can come across some offers that you won’t find on the Steam community market:

  • log in and enter your Steam credentials;
  • enter your trade link and verify your email;
  • replenish your balance with “coins” (this is real money, they just use another name on these websites);
  • use the search to find the skin you need;
  • click “Buy”;
  • after the purchase, wait for your CS:GO skin trade to come to your Steam profile.

It’s better to avoid buying skins on little-known sites, as there is a chance of losing both your skins and Steam account. There are plenty of famous websites like Hellcase or young trusted websites such as Bloodycase – they have better prices, nice discounts, and more deals!

To Date, The Most Promising Skins To Buy Are The Following:

  • Stattrak™ Flip Knife | Black Laminate (Minimal Wear);
  • Five-Seven | Neon Kimono (field-tested);
  • StatTrak™ Karambit | Boreal Forest (field-tested);
  • Stattrak™ Butterfly Knife | Safari Mesh (Minimal Wear);
  • Desert Eagle | Sunset Storm (Factory New).

Where To Sell CSGO Skins?

Steam Market

The Steam Community Market is the official marketplace for selling and buying Valve products. Here you will find a large number of trade offers for almost every skin, sticker, or case.

Moreover, here you can sell your items at the highest prices. However, you cannot withdraw the money to an e-wallet or bank card.

Private Offers

Another way to make a deal is to find a buyer yourself. This option allows you to avoid paying a commission. You can try to find a potential buyer on Reddit, one of the biggest social networking websites.

Third-Party Marketplaces

These sites will allow you to withdraw real money. Your skins will be rated here a little lower than on Steam, but, on the other hand, you are not charged a 15% commission on each transaction.

Keep in mind that some of these sites are quite vulnerable, and this is quite a significant disadvantage. Also, price dumping and speculation are common things here. Therefore, you need to choose the platform wisely.

CS:GO Auction Sites And Trade Bots

The principle of the auction site is quite simple: some users put out their skins, knives, gloves, or cases for the auction. The potential buyers fight for virtual items they are interested in by increasing the lot’s value. The one who offers the highest price gets the lot.

Trade bots are special programs designed to perform repetitive actions. The CSGO trading robot places orders to buy or sell skins on your behalf, taking into account market price fluctuations, and making it more efficient to sell a large number of relatively inexpensive items.

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