Cat Diaries: The First Movie Filmed by Cats!

I once read an article that said that cats are very popular on the Internet. People love sharing their cat stories, funny cat pictures and their cute and cuddly photos of kittens. There are also a lot of blogs about how to take care of our feline friends. It is quite easy to fall in love with cats. After all, they are quiet, they can be very playful and they are very opinionated. Cat owners will definitely know what I mean. Our kitties are my stress reliever. They feel it when their humans are sad or if they are ill. In one way or another, they will purr and try their best to console you and make you feel better.

A friend on Twitter and on Insta.gram @armer shared a link about a campaign put together by the cat food company Friskies. The company placed a camera on 25 cats and filmed what the cats saw and experienced for 5 days. The video “Cat Diaries” was then edited and shown on their site and on the cat food’s YouTube channel. I think it is a fun way to see the world through a cat’s perspective. I bet it was also a challenge placing a camera on the cat’s neck. I know how some kitties will refuse to have someone place a foreign object around their necks. Getting a good picture of them is already a difficult task, they will never sit still for a long period of time. Cats are very curious creatures. I think the team did a great job! I enjoyed the video, and I am sure the cat lovers out there will like it too.

Source: [Peta Pixel]