Robofied Epic Movie Posters You Just Have To See!

I am very much into movie posters as I have said in many articles before. I usually only go to check out movie if the poster itself is appealing to me. Of course I have a peak at the trailers as to not entirely cloud my judgment, but if it has a great poster, usually the movie is great as well. The visual expectations are portrayed through what’s in the movies, so therefore, if the poster looks good; the movie looks good, or something along that vein. Of course, that’s only my opinion.

Someone who has taken the edge off of your personal judgment and delivers something completely awesome and original is designer Tomasz Opasinski. He has re-designed some of the epic movie posters of both the past and the present and created something that I call “robofied” movie posters.

With brilliant 3D skills and a sense for the awesome, he’s managed to create a set of movie posters incorporating the same robot but with a touch of these epic movies. The result is stunning and original, and you can really see the legendary experience these movies gave their viewers. I am weak for this stuff, and I have nothing else to say more than that these posters deserve to be on anyone’s wall, young or old. We will all find the one that amazes us the most. Brilliant!